4 Tips For Negotiating With Your Insurance Company

If you’ve been involved in any type of accident and were seriously injured, this can be overwhelming. It’s important for you to recover any financial losses you may have endured. Medical bills and time lost from work can quickly add up for you. It may be critical for you to use some negotiating skills to help you receive the money you are owed for by your insurer at this time.

Tip #1: Have an Amount in Mind

The key to getting the right amount for your settlement is to know the full extent of your losses. Take the time to create a report that accurately lists all of your expenses. This should include the damage done to your vehicle that may need repairs, any medical bills you have and time that you have lost from work, as well. By knowing your bottom line, this can provide the adjuster the amount you expect to get.

Tip #2: Avoid the First Offer

Insurance companies want to get the claim settled quickly. Your adjuster may offer you a low amount on the first offer, because many people accept this low ball figure.

However, you shouldn’t agree to any figure that isn’t as much as you think it should be in order to get fully compensated for your losses.

Tip #3: Put it in Writing

Write a letter to your insurance company with the details of the accident and the amount you expect to recover. This can serve two purposes for you. One is your insurer will know that you mean business and that you intend to get this amount.

Additionally, you will have written documentation that you have informed the company of this, in the event your case goes to court. It is possible that you may need to file a lawsuit if you are unable to receive the amount of money for your accident expenses.

Tip #4: Emphasize Your Pain

It is important that you express the amount of your emotional distress during this time. You should let the adjuster know how severe your injury may have been, and all the extreme pain that you endured.

Additionally, if you have a difficult time getting your car fixed, or if it was a total loss, this could have created more stress for you. By providing the details of how strongly the accident affected your mentality, this may help you recover the money you are rightfully owed.

It is possible to negotiate with your insurance adjuster if you know how to do so and take the right approach. However, if this doesn’t render you positive results, you can rely on the expertise of an attorney if you need legal help in recovering your losses.