App Lock Can Be One Of The Best Parental Control App

Today’s generation has great addiction to smart phones. They in fact have forgotten their physical activity through games. You can see most of the children today are stuck to video games that are available on smart phones. Keeping the mobile in the hands of children is not safe when you have confidential information on it. Moreover, children are getting addicted to the usage of social networking sites at very young age which is not advisable. Parents who spend their day in busy schedule are unable to have a praying eye on their children’s activity on mobile phones.

Though making the children addicted to the mobiles at the younger age is not an advisable option, parents sometimes have no other alternatives. When children use your mobile to play their addicted games, there high chances that your confidential data in the apps is erased. You cannot even monitor activity of your child on the phone every minute.

Using the app lock for android is the best way to have a parental control over the usage of the mobile phone.  You may have to unlock all the apps to unlock games on the phone when you have screen lock to provide security to your phone. This will prompt you to type password each time you want to use your mobile.  Instead, you can try app lock tool on your smartphone to provide security to your apps.

When you have app protector installed on your phone, you can lock only desired apps with the help of the protector.  This will help you keep the secured apps away from your children’s accesses when they use your mobile to play games.  You can rest assured that no data on your apps is deleted accidentally when your children play games on the mobile.

There is no restriction on the number of apps that can be locked with the help of the app protector. You can choose to lock all the other apps and keep the games open for your children. This way, you can easily control what your children will do on the mobile in spite of using them for the long time.

Sometimes, children pick the  android phone without your attention. You cannot ask them to return the phone back to lock rest of the applications available on the phone. This is never going to happen.  If you want to prevent this accidental damage to your data on the phone, you can choose to enable location lock feature on your phone. As soon as you reach your home, all the applications on your phone other than games will be locked automatically. If you  want to prevent battery consumption while your children play games on the smart phones, you can even lock screen brightness. Another good feature of app protector that will help you have better parental control is lock 3G accesses on your phone so that they will not have accesses to internet when they play games.