5 Fruits That Keep Us Safe From Sun Heat

March 13, 2015 Food, Health News No Comments

It’s hard to stay cool in summer, the sun’s heat going to hurt us a lot. The sun’s heat is getting heavier than previous years. The sun, heat waves blowing with high temperatures, so how to survive these summer days? Are we going to stay at home? What about work? We must stay healthy in this summer! So what to do! Here’s the checklist for you, the fruits which are going to help you in summer days to stay cool and healthy. There are many fruits which are very good for health. But there are some fruits which keep us cool and help us to get protected from sun heat.

5 Fruits That Keep Us Safe From Sun Heat


This is the fruit that everyone likes in summer; most of the people just think that fruit will helps us in thirst but it’s not only for that there many useful nutrients available from this fruit. Watermelon rich fluid content and antioxidants, which helps us in the summer. Watermelon also consist a great amount of fiber and vitamin C.


These fruits are available for us in any season for the consumption and mostly recommended. Coconut is a nature given gift for us, it’s a great resource for us for a healthy fluid food. Coconut helps in as many ways in summer, reduces thirst, good for healths of sun stocked people and it is very rich minerals. Coconut is high in fiber and low in glycemic index. It works as a quick energy booster and improves the digestion.

Black Berries

These fruits are very dark in color, looks so colorful. These are sweet in taste and helps us in the summer in a good manner. This fruit supplied a good amount of vitamins to the human organs, which are necessary in summer season. Black berries are good carriers of anti-oxidants. Consuming these fruits can protect us in summer and also prevents from few types of cancer when we consume on regular schedules.


Lime is another great nature given fruit which very high container of vitamin C. These help us in supplying C, vitamin to our organs which helps us from sun strokes. Consuming lime syrup can prevent us dehydration in summer, having a two glasses of lime syrup daily in summer can help us sun heat and sun strokes.


Orange is another great fruit in summer, the juice of orange can supply good amount boosters to our body. Most of the sports people consume much orange juice than normal people because it another quick energy supply juice to the humans. The fruit is low calorie, zero cholesterol and low saturated fats. It also boosts our skin tone, when you roam under sun heat your skin become darker, to prevent such issues consuming the juice of oranges is a great choice.

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