What To Look For In A Top Toronto SEO Company

Nowadays most website owners are educated in the ways of the internet and especially on how search engines work. At least the user facing part of the search engines, that is. Also most website owners understand how important it is to have an optimized website if trying to attract visitors. Toronto seo company is all you need to get top rankings in Google.

However very few people know what to look for in a top SEO company. When looking for a top SEO company Toronto is the place to start, however there are some things like tools, portfolio and ability to get results that make a difference.

Tools and Services

From a tools perspective a SEO company should be able to cater to a client’s every needs. There are multiple ways to do this, however not all companies have the professional teams needed to carry out tasks of such amplitude. Here’s how a tool/service set should look based on the one Toronto SEO Webryze offers its customers:

  • Web design and mobile optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Localization Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

Some other such companies sell services like e-mail marketing and SMS marketing, however these services have been proven to do more harm than good. Spamming users and customers with content will only decrease user satisfaction, therefore are considered next to useless.

Basically what a Toronto SEO services company needs to have is a complete solution form begging till end. Starting with building a website, to optimizing it for search engines and the capability of turning into a brand using social media platforms.


As any service provider a SEO company will have a portfolio. The portfolio can tell a potential customer quite a lot about the company in question. First of all in this line of work cheating is rather difficult seeing how doing some checks on the validity of customer experiences is very easy. All anyone has to do is open a browser, look for a website the SEO company is working for and see if that website is listed in top results or not.

In a way it’s like seeing an artist’s portfolio, the result is plain even to the untrained eye even though the process of getting there is unknown. So, as said, the best way is to take the time and read some cases in the portfolio, research them and then make a decision. There is no such thing as a top SEO company Toronto based or not that will not make available some case studies. Lack of such things translates into lack of professionalism.

Putting the Name to the Test

The ultimate test for a SEO company is putting the name to the test and see how it performs. For example such a query would look like “[insert city] SEO services”. As it is with all online businesses, results on the second page or even further do not matter. If a certain SEO company is really capable of delivering it will use its own services for itself and show up on the first page. There are companies that appear multiple times, 2-3. This out of 10 returned websites (not counting promoted ads) means 30% which is actually great.