Guide To Sending Good Morning Wishes Via Phone

Not all good morning SMS wishes were created equal. How you wish your mother a good morning will not be similar to how you wish your lover or colleague a good morning. You should therefore structure your messages very appropriately. So, how should you go about wishing someone a good morning? What are the things that you should avoid doing?

Dealing with Colleagues and Business Partners

An element of professionalism must be attached to the good morning sms that you send your colleagues and business partners. You work with these people. There needs to be some respect and professional distance between you and them.

When you want to send a morning greeting to colleagues and business partners, start with the word “hallo.” The less formal version of that word should only be reserved with people you have worked with for a very long time.

The rest of your morning greeting should inquire about their health in a polite manner. The professional tone should remain consistent throughout. The last thing you want is to come across as flirty.

Dealing with your Family:

Sending good morning sms wishes to your family and relatives should not be difficult. You are related to these people. You know them very well. You can afford to be chatty where they are concerned.

When wishing your family a good morning, a simple “hi” would be a great way to start. You can then wish them a good morning and even refer to the last thing you were talking about with them. Calling your loved ones by their nickname should not be a problem. You can also insert a private joke or two as long as you do not cause any offense.

Dealing with Friends:

The level of friendship that you enjoy with people will determine the kind of morning greeting you send via sms. If you are sending best wishes in the morning to close friends, you can simply say hi. If someone achieved a milestone, congratulations may be in order.

You can just add them to your morning greeting. If someone was sad or unhappy the previous time you messaged them, your wishes should reflect that. Be sure to let them know that you wish them well and hope life is treating them better. This will show that you were thinking of them.

Dealing with Romantic Interests:

If you intend to send good morning SMS wishes via mobile sms to your romantic interest, you need to be careful. The depth of your relationship will determine the kind of morning greeting that you send to the person at the other end of the line.

Words of endearment can be used for your romantic interest especially if you have a long-standing relationship. It will make them feel all warrn and fuzzy. You will also feel good for letting your romantic interest know that that you care. Score for you!


The tone that you use when wishing someone a good morning matters a lot. You should therefore use the right wording depending on whom you are sending the message to. You should also be very careful to send the right greeting to the right person. Can you imagine your parents getting good morning wishes meant for your lover? How embarrassing is that!