How To Use Protective Coating After Washing Our Car?

Just washing our car isn’t enough, we should also need to protect the paint. There are different types of protective coating, such as polymer finish and wax. How often we apply the paint protection depends mostly on which product we choose, the local weather conditions and how often we drive our car. In general, the car’s surface should be protected with special product every six month. Before applying the protective product, the surface should be well prepared, usually with good washing to remove grime, dust and contaminants. Proper cleaning may enhance the results of our protective coating.

Good surface preparation could also remove old wax and clean our paint thoroughly. This will make sure the coating properly adheres to the surface when applied. When choosing wax for our supercar, we should make sure that we use high quality Carnauba wax. It can be applied by machine or by hand. Although machines can apply wax evenly and quickly, choosing the wrong model of machine may damage the paint. Random orbital buffer is usually a good type to choose when we plan on choosing to use a machine. If we want to apply by hand, we should have got enough patience and time to do the task properly.

Waxing is all about evenly applying the wax and the wax should have enough time to haze over the paint’s surface. By buffing the haze, we will have brilliant shiny finish. When applying the wax, we need to choose high grade sponge applicator and 100 percent lint-free, cotton polishing cloths to remove excess wax from the surface. To ensure best results, we should follow the instructions. Waxing could provide us with good results and some protection. However, there are some consequences of using wax. The removal of excess wax should be properly timed and this will make sure that we won’t have problem removing any haze left caused by dried wax.

Wax build-up is a factor that we need to consider, especially because wax can slowly turn yellow. It would take more effort to remove accumulated wax off of rubber, from around lights, out of emblems and other difficult spots on out car. Under typical driving conditions, coat of wax won’t be permanent. In general, wax should deliver good protection and many car owners love the drops of water beads up on a freshly coated surface.

A good wax job should cause nice sheen when sunlight hits the surface of our car. Over the years, the waxing technology and methods haven’t changed too significantly. However, paint technology on cars has progressed. For this reason, we should consider switching to different protective coating, such as polymer based protective finish. This type of coating can bond on painted surfaces the way waxes can’t. Polymer-based coats work more like using clear-coat for our car. Build-up shouldn’t be a problem, especially because multiple layers of coats will make finish more brilliant and add more protection.

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