Safari Itinerary – Get Close To The Nature And Wildlife

It is a gripping moment to witness herd of swans dancing in water, elephants, beautiful and innocent rabbits jumping around, deers etc. Wildlife safaris could provide you more beyond than that. To experience Uganda safaris at your budget, you can select to search across the internet. You are sure to find one that suits your needs.

What is the Best Time for Wildlife Safari?

If you want to get a close look of wildlife animals in their natural background, you should travel off season. During dry seasons, animals gather together around ponds, lakes and other water sources. Hence they are much easier to spot. You could easily get 25- 30% discount, in this season.

Even monsoon season can provide you with some amazing benefits. The green grasses, rains, beautiful atmosphere and stunning sunset are things that must not be missed.

Why you should prefer the Self Driven Safaris?

Self-drive safaris are quite popular in countries like Namibia and South Africa. There are many benefits of such expeditions. You can travel at your own pace and plan the things, accordingly. You can easily manage the trip, as per your interests.

If necessary hire a trustworthy guide, at some point. The guide is well aware of the animal habitat and their habits. They will surely help you to spot the stunning wildlife easily. Carrying a travel guide to make things simple and smooth is sure to help on the way.

Save on Safari Trip

Cheap rental cars, self-catering accommodations and hiring camp gears will help you to stay within your intended budget. The first week of December witnesses few crowds, so it is the most appropriate time. Plan an expedition to Tanzania and Kenya from January to March. During this time, you could gain heavy discounts.  In winters too, the best deals to South Africa can be availed.

Many online companies offer three types of services-

  • Semi deluxe safaris
  • Budget safari
  • Comfortable safari

Features of different Types of Safaris

In comfortable safari, you will be provided with many benefits like raised beds, sheet, pillow covers and variety of other facilities. Majority of services offered will include professional guides, during the trip. Additionally, the staff members will take care of all, your camping tasks.

Tourists with few passengers can book a single vehicle for safari. There is a backup vehicle for emergency purposes always reserved.

You can get to enjoy the cuisines from professional chefs, who accompany the safari. They prepare fresh meals with fruits and boiled vegetables. These light fruit provide you strength and energy. They will offer you some selected drinks at an additional cost. Toilet and bathing arrangements are also arranged for the convenience of the clients.

If you select budget safaris, you will be provided with limited features. The company provides a 1.8m dome tent. They will supply nothing more than mattresses to sleep. You can carry the sleeping bags during the trip. Facilities like shower and shared toilets are also arranged. You will get only one vehicle along with a trailer. You have to cook your own food.