The Top 5 Trends In Salwarkameez

Sarees have secured a permanent place in everyIndian woman’s wardrobe. That however, doesn’t mean salwarkameezis less popular by any means. It is probably the second most popular ethnic Indian wear after saree. Not only in India, even women in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan have been wearing salwarkameez traditionally. Today, its popularity is not only confined to these countries, people overseas have also accepted this attire with their arms wide open. Although, the basic look essentially remains the same, salwarkameez has seen a major facelift over time.

You can choose from a vast collection of designs and cuts. Even the materials used, lengths, cuts, work and designs of salwarkameez vary considerably. If you do not have the time and patience to wait to get one stitched for yourself, you can go for the readymade ones. There are a multitude of styles available; the following are the top five dished out for you-

  1. Anarkali stylesalwarkameez- This one tops the charts with the highest popularity. Starting from the silver screen celebs, television stars to the girl next door, everyone seems to have one in their possession. Whether it’s a small casual party or a wedding ceremony, you can never go wrong wearing this particular style of salwarkameez. It makes you look utterly feminine and glamorous.
  1. Knee-Length salwarkameez-Mostwomen like to keep it simple and prefer the standard knee-length style. It doesn’t make one look over-the-top, hence, are an absolute favourite among most homemakers. Thisdoesn’t mean, it will make you look out of place if you wear it to a formal function. It retains its elegance in all its simplicity.
  2. Short salwarkameez Style- It was very popular in the days of yore. The charm the ladies in those days carried needed to be brought back in the present times. Hence, we have them here again in more stylish cuts and designs.
  3. Pakistani Stylesalwarkameez: Inspired from the common type of salwarkameez worn in Pakistan, this style has become an absolute hit in a very short time. If you are a salwarkameez fan, you must have surely explored the beauty of this gorgeous variety.
  4. Bridal salwarkameez- They are the most expensive of the five listed here, and designers take a lot of time in their preparation. With heavy work and modern cuts, they make for a treat to the eyes.

The above-mentioned styles are popular all across the globe. If you haven’t worn a salwarkameez before, this list will surely guide you in selecting one for yourself. A great collection of salwarkameez suiting your requirements can be found online.You can buy online traditional Indian clothes at reasonable prices.Because of the amazing comfort they offer, they are popular among women of all ages. All you need is to select a style that suits your personality best, and you are ready to look like a diva.