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Does Your Logo Sell Your Business

Not many businesses know the importance of logos which leads them to ignore this vital aspect. They don’t realize that this is a simple and yet powerful tool that has been used for eons to identity businesses. This is because it is the first feature many people see and with time, come to associate with for many companies. Take for instance big corporations like Pepsi or Shell, you already identify these companies through their logos the minute you see them. That is how powerful this seemingly small branding tool is How do you make one that is outstanding for your business? The answer is simple and straightforward, look for an outstanding branding company that specializes in design and branding of merchandise.

How to go about it

The best place to start is to come up with an idea of what you want in terms of design, size and color. To be on the safe side with this one, choose a designer who is good at their job as they will guide you through the process. The colors should be the same ones that you use for your business (company colors). Articulating your ideas clearly to your designer will help them come up with a design fast, therefore, be as clear as you can This is why careful planning has to be done prior to meeting with your designer.

You also want to decide whether you want your logo to have some text, symbol or illustration or a combination of all of these. The words can for instance be related to the company’s motto, mission or vision while the symbol should be related to the services the company provides. This way, people identify with the logo whenever they see it Symbols or catchy phrases tend to stick on people’s minds more than words so, take advantage of this Make sure the colors are eye-catching in order to attract the right kind of attention for your business.

Where it is used

The final product will be displayed on your stationery, business cards, website and all your advertising and marketing merchandise. This is the reason why it is requisite to have a professional Logo Design done for you to avoid ruining your business’ identity. This is what makes customers believe in your services to end up signing up for more, so make it look as trustworthy and attractive as possible without overdoing it Make one and stick to it, do not have different variations that you use at whim as it will confuse your customers and reduce their trust in your business as you will appear shifty and undecided.


Do not be swayed by the lure of going for a complicated logo as the ones that stand out are usually simple and easy to grasp. A complicated one may look good on paper until they are implemented on a smaller scale like on business cards, which might not look too grand. A simple well-designed logo instead, looks good on all levels and will communicate confidence, stability and reliability without being overtly too obvious, to reflect well on your business.

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