Smart Choice: One Venue For Both Wedding and Reception

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. There are so many things to schedule and to buy and to arrange. Brides-to-be get stressed out and relationships suffer. Make the easy choice; book a venue that can satisfy all your needs. From a space for the bride to get ready for the ceremony through the wedding cake, having the ceremony and reception in one spot makes things so much easier for both the couple and their guests.

Help the Wedding Party Relax

Apart from finally being able to relax after booking the venue, members of the wedding party need to find all the ways they can of relaxing. Stress doesn’t belong in the wedding. Grooms-to-be often have a much easier time of relaxing. Having a beautiful area in which to prepare for the wedding, and to do a little touch up before and during the reception, allows the bride-to-be that extra attention she needs.

Knowing that they don’t have to rush from the wedding site to the reception location will let everyone in the wedding party relax and enjoy the wedding itself. Parents of both the bride and groom will be able to take part in this life-changing event instead of trying to map out the quickest route to the reception. Wedding party members don’t have to worry about traffic or the safety of the other party goers. Everyone is already safely at the reception.

Save Money

Having one venue saves you a location fee. When you have your reception at a hall, you will pay for that site. If you get married at a separate church, you will have to pay for that spot as well. By opting to be at one venue, you are only using one location; you only pay once. Additionally, decorations from the ceremony can be quickly relocated into the reception area. You don’t need to buy double the decorations. Reuse some of what was used in the wedding itself.

Make Your Guests Happy

Your guests, especially those that are from out-of-town, will be grateful that they needn’t drive from the actual ceremony to the reception. This removes the stress from their lives, and lets them enjoy the wedding and reception even more. Happy guests make for a much more happy celebration.

Let it Be

Rest assured that all brides and grooms want to have the perfect wedding day. Unfortunately, nothing and nobody is perfect. If you are holding out for perfection, you are going to be disappointed, unfortunately. Sometimes life gets in the way. People get sick; third-cousins get drunk at the reception. Photographers take pictures of some girl in a red dress all night, on your dime. Look for the joy in the moment and let the wedding and reception be what they are:  a celebration of the love the bride and groom share.