Why Everyone Needs Click and Collect 24 Hour Business Cards

Business cards are thought of something that only business professionals and self-employed entrepreneurs cart around with them. But the truth is, business cards can make everyone’s life easier. With business cards now being easier than ever to customise and order, anyone can invest in a stack of affordable cards that will allow them to take advantage of the following six benefits:

  1. Defines You as a Professional

Wandering into a job interview, you may have a cover letter and resume. But those who are able to also produce a business card, such as at the end of the interview, not only appear to be better prepared but they appear professional. They clearly take their job seriously. Impressing organisations in such a way will make you stand out.

  1. Boosting your Credibility

Business cards don’t only define you has a professional. A well designed card adds to your credibility. Business cards represent:





You are attaching your name and number to a physical card. That says something to everyone about how serious you are about what you do.

  1. Giving You That Competitive Edge

This is particularly true if you are in search of a job or trying to land a contract. While a nice CV is always important, a neat, modern and professional business card tells the recipient that you’re serious about what you do. Given that you are likely competing against others in your industry for that job, it can certainly give you a competitive edge.

  1. Ideal for Networking

Nothing is tackier than directing people to your social media site to get in contact with you. Scribbling your email address on a soiled napkin is hardly any better. When you hand your business card out to someone who is interested in your contact information, you’re helping them remember you. They will associate that business card with your face and the purpose of why they want to keep in contact. They may even write down quick notes about what you had discussed on the back of your card. It increases your likelihood of being contacted and expanding your network, which is never a bad thing.

  1. Convenient for Sharing

Somewhat related to the above point, having a business card ready to hand out to anyone interested in getting to know you better is incredibly convenient. Pulling one out quickly and without hesitation is also incredibly slick and tells everyone that you’re always prepared.

  1. Another Avenue for Advertising

Companies and self-employed individuals now have nearly limitless ways to build and design their business card. As such, anyone can select colours, designs and verbiage that speaks about their brand and helps those who receive their business card remember their company and what they’re about. Sliding a sleek business card across the table to a potential employer or someone else who works in the industry is one of the least expensive forms of advertising. If you’re lucky, they may even share your business card with others who are interested in what you do.

Considerations to Make Before Designing Your Business Card

It’s been said within the very first ten seconds of meeting you, your potential client or employer has already built up a lasting opinion of who you are. While we’ve all heard the expression to never judge a book by its cover, we all do. Often times that first impression is given by the design of a business card.

As mentioned throughout the post, the design of your card will play a huge role in just how effective it is in sending the right message about you and your business. Think about it: When is the last time you saw an attorney’s business card written out in comic sans or featuring rainbow shades? This type of design may work for a children’s entertainer. For someone working in a serious occupation, it’s far from appropriate.

Choosing the Right Text

This surprisingly often overlooked element is the whole purpose of your business card. Clients shouldn’t need to strain and struggle when attempting to read your name or email address. The text should be at least 8 pt and written in a clear, legible font. The colour of the text should allow it to clearly stand out against the background of the business card. Play around with making more important information on your card (such as your name or phone number) larger or bolder than other aspects of the card.

Another consideration is what you’re going to have written on the card. Make sure that you have all of the essentials on the card, including:

Your name

Your business or industry

Contact information (i.e. phone number, email, work address, website, social media profile, etc.)

QR Code

Choosing the Right Colours

For some, a solid black or gunmetal grey background is all that’s needed. If you’re tempting the idea of playing with colour, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The colours you choose should be consistent with your brand and reflect schemes used on other media (i.e. on your website, in your email signature, on social media, etc.).
  • Make sure that you choose complementary colours that are aesthetically pleasing and complimentary to one another (many business card printers will be able to help you create a colour palette).
  • Leave bright and bold colours to bold businesses. While bold colours do stand out, their distinctively “loud” appearance may give clients and employers the wrong impression.

Choosing the Right Business Card Printer

The last thing you want is to receive hundreds of business cards that have been cut at odd angles, have sheared-off borders, and look like a complete mess. Your best bet is to stick with reputable and reliable business card companies such as Brunel One. The company even offers individuals the option to click and collect 24 hour business cards Be sure to look at their high quality classic and premium business cards for design inspiration