3 Ways To Financially Afford Your First Baby

Having a baby can be a very expensive venture; especially if you were not expecting to become pregnant and had no preparation for the impending child. It can be extremely stressful trying to figure out where and how to find ways to support your child, as well as get all the necessary trappings to adequately care for your new bundle of joy. Included here are a few ways to find the means to support your newest family member.

Baby Shower

Most likely, you will have a good friend or family member throwing you a baby shower. This is the most common way that people prepare for having a baby. There are options to register for baby gifts online and you may have the option for cash donations to help you in the purchase of a crib or stroller. This is an opportune time to come together with friends and family to celebrate the life of your new child and prepare a nursery. Many family members are overjoyed to have the opportunity to help you prepare and are more than willing to pitch in on large ticket items.

Online Fundraisers

A less conventional method, online fundraisers are a great way for friends and family to simply donate cash to your baby fund. This can be helpful for you in purchasing the large ticket items or simply for monthly diapers and formula. If you have a lot of family or friends who live out of state, simply sending them a link to your online registry can allow them to join with you in celebrating your new little one. If you do not want to register for a lot of baby gifts and simply want to purchase them as you need them, this can be a great alternative. Often first-time mothers do not know exactly which baby items are necessary and which ones are superfluous so this fund will allow you to easily purchase things as you discover a need.

Buy Used

An obvious way to save money, purchasing gently used items can really add up in savings for you. If you are of the age where most of your friends have started families, they may have extra baby equipment available to give or loan to you. You may want to borrow a small bassinet from a friend while the baby is small and return it to them as you begin to need a larger crib. While the cute brand new baby outfits may be tempting, it can be far more cost-effective to purchase used clothes. Babies grow and change sizes very quickly and have a tendency to stain items as well, so used clothes are less of a loss if they are ruined or grown out of too fast.