All Your Wooden Doors and Windows Need Is A Little Care

Wooden items have never lost their charm. An urban house with wooden doors and windows look as amazing as they did in the past and can last forever if you have chosen the right colour, right design, and the right coating for them. Besides these, it’s also important that they are maintained properly to ensure durability. Although, you cannot do without their maintenance, there are some wooden windows and doors that do not require a lot of it. But this happens only when the wood you have used is the best and the most expensive available in the market. Just because your windows and doors are not made from the finest wood doesn’t render them useless. You can keep them looking their best till you wish, by taking their proper care.

In order to maintain them properly, you might need to follow the following practices.

You should use soap water or mildew cleaner for their cleaning, whenever they get dirty. This is to make sure that your doors and windows are not affected by fungus or other microbes.

Make sure there are no cracks and crevices on them. If there are any, you should repair them as early as possible. A window solution should then be used to mask their entire exposed surface. This process is carried out in two stages. One entails cleaning with a cleaning fluid, the other involves using a clear balsam, which is to be applied with a piece of cloth. It’s essential that you get the cleaning done by a competent and efficient window cleaner. The best practice is to carry out cleaning at least once a year.

Although, most wooden windows and doors come with a guarantee that they won’t need to be painted or repaired for at least 10 years, you must see to it that good quality coatings have been used to cover them. These coatings protect them from sunlight, rain, fungal attack and other climatic factors. These guarantees also sometimes cover flaking, cracking of the surface etc. caused due to overgrowth of fungi under the surface of the outer coating. On other times, guarantees are offered over yellowing of the surface. For best results, get bespoke windows and doors for your home, as they are sure to last a long time without too much maintenance.

Coatings generally get off with the passage of time, because of their constant exposure to the atmosphere. This necessitates recoating as recoating increases the overall thickness. This way the timber beneath remains safe and protected.

Coating systems these days are very effective. They make keeping wooden items in good shape for years on end possible. All you need is a wipe down and a coat of the correct paint.

Proper maintenance and care make wooden doors and windows durable. Some of them will stay undamaged for as long as 60 years. You should, however, keep this in mind, that if you deprive them of the little care they deserve they will rot unexpectedly.