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Jazz Up The Captured Videos With Movavi Screen Capture

Want a screen grabber that can jazz up the boring video clips too? The Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a great package which can capture, edit and enhance the videos in a stylish manner. Pep up the captured clips and share with family and friends. By following a couple of simple steps, professional quality screencast can be obtained and stored in any format as per user’s choice.


Videos can be saved from webcam, video calls like Skype, online streaming etc and transform them with glamorous filters, watermarks, audios and much more. Any video segment can be resized or made more compact by eliminating unattractive parts. The video splitter works magic to organize the clips and special effects tool enhances the quality. The screen recorder along with its vast range of processing tools can be downloaded and used efficiently.

Videos can be saved at lightning speed with SuperSpeed mode and burnt to disc. You can save in AVI, MP4 and many other formats and share on social networking platforms easily. Watching the video on smartphones and tabs is made easier with different mobile presets.


  1. The colossal editing tool with vast functionalities can produce professional looking videos with some simple captured ones.
  2. The frame rate can be adjusted with a maximum of 60 fps.
  3. Audio can be captured with ease, irrespective of the source like sound effects from programs or headphones.
  4. Recording area can be set as per user choice.
  5. Cursor can be highlighted with various colors along with capturing keyboard actions.
  6. Screenshots can be grabbed in the midst of capturing video on the system.
  7. Timer for screen capture enhances its operability.
  8. Video clips can be trimmed and merged to create one perfect video.
  9. Available in more than 10 interface languages.
  10. Almost 24 different video formats and codecs are supported by the Movavi screen recorder.

Technical Corner

All in all, this product from Movavi is a great tool to make video capturing easy. Learning the functionalities and utilizing them to the best possible level is made easier with the online user manual, live chat facility with the representatives and quick calls. The vast range of tools will ensure even home captured videos by a novice artist would look like a professional one. It is highly recommended as no other software comes with such great functionalities at present.

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