3 Apps For Addiction Recovery

Addiction is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. There are many substances one can become addicted to, and the combination of biological and psychological dependences on these substances can make a person destroy their personal and professional life in the pursuit of more. The plight of the addict affects their friends and families as well. Addiction is painful, and can be almost impossible to move past.

Before you can recover from an addiction, you must realize you have a problem, and decide it’s time to take steps in the right direction. There are many options for recovery, some of which are more long and involved than others. It depends on the needs of the particular person suffering from addiction.

Today, there are in fact more options for addiction recovery than ever. Technology offers help to people seeking help in the form of apps. There are many apps available to help people with their addictions — read on for a few examples.


Many people don’t think of smoking as as serious an addiction as others. It’s true that cigarette smokers are typically able to live mostly normal lives. However, the negative health effects of cigarettes are more well documented now than ever. Cigarette smoking can cause cancers all over the body, particularly in the mouth, throat, and lungs. Cigarettes deal a blow to the immune system and the body’s overall capacity to do physical and mental labor. What’s more, they’re expensive.

Quitter is an app designed to help cigarette smokers put down the pack forever. By displaying how long you’ve gone without a cigarette and how much money you’ve saved, Quitter, offer positive reinforcement to these seeking to quit smoking.

12 Step Chat App

One of the most difficult parts of addiction recovery is the loneliness. Addicts who feel isolated are much more likely to relapse than those who feel supported and a part of a larger community. Friends and family are extremely important to helping an addict recover. However, it’s also important to find support from others going through the same thing. The 12 Step Chat App allows people in recovery to reconnect with people in their addiction support groups between meetings. This helps stop them from going back to finding comfort in substances.


Recovering from addiction can sometimes seem thankless. Substances offer an immediate physical high as a reward for use; sobriety is decidedly less rewarding in the instant gratification category. It’s difficult to not slip back into old habits. The app iHeal helps let people in recovery know that they may be about to be tempted into relapsing. By monitoring biological signs, iHeal identifies stress and other triggers, and helps the person change the situation and avoid relapse.


Recovery will never be easy. However, with the help of technology, it can become as much a part of your daily life as checking your email. Pursue the strategies that work for you and you will recover.