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Does The Gas Engineer Arriving At Your Company To Do Work Have The Proper Credentials?

Does The Gas Engineer Arriving At Your Company To Do Work Have The Proper Credentials?

As with all other aspects of conducting business at your workplace in London, it’s imperative that you use only the best and most highly qualified experts to do work around your staff and valuable assets. Especially when work is to be done on your boilers or other gas equipment it’s essential to use only qualified professionals to attend to repairs and maintenance. A gas engineer that has the proper credentials in place can do the work at your organisation legally and safely to your satisfaction; let’s take a look at how to ascertain that the team you are using is properly trained and prepared to do an exceptional job for your London-based business.

1. When the engineer arrives at your location, the first thing that you should do is to check his ID card before he begins any work that needs to be done. You can also check ahead of time at various online sites that carry a list of properly credentialed professionals in and around London. A gas engineer in London will have a card that features his photo, his unique number, and what type of work he has obtained qualification to perform at companies like yours in London.

2. On the ID card, be sure to check the dates of validation so that you’ll be using a professional who is up to date on his training and who has had professional development that has informed him of new upgrades and improvements in the techniques and strategies in relation to gas installations and equipment. The card should also carry the name of the organisation for which he works so that you can see he is a representative of the company that you hired to do the job for you. Finally, you should look for a security hologram which indicates that the ID card is legitimate and that he is who he says he is.

3. Keep in mind that gas engineers have different areas of qualification, so it’s important to establish ahead of his arrival that he is indeed experienced and trained to do your job. Whether it’s installing your gas boiler, repairing a problem with it, or doing a regular maintenance inspection, he must have the knowledge to carry out the task in a professional manner.

4. Why is having the right credentials important to your company? If someone who is not properly registered performs the work in your premises, the result can be poor fittings, less-than-acceptable service, and problems such as fires, explosions, and gas leaks that can be deadly for you and your employees. Another risk is carbon monoxide poisoning which can be a deadly emission that harms or kills your staff members.

For the safety and security of your employees as well as the protection of your equipment and other assets it’s imperative that the gas engineer who arrives at your company to handle the work you require be properly qualified to do an excellent job for you.

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