Using Technology To Build Your Brand

Effective branding is one of the most essential parts to the success of a business, regardless of industry. If you think you can reach your customers with only the quality of your product or service, you’re unfortunately being naive. No matter what kind of product or service you offer, chances are you have competition — and if you’re competition’s brand is stronger than yours, it doesn’t matter if you offer better quality.

It doesn’t matter because if customers don’t recognize your brand, they have nothing to associate the quality of your product or service with. Their good experience with your business vanishes because they have no brand to tie it to.

Fortunately for you, there are more ways to build a brand today than ever — with the help of new technologies. Technology can help you create and solidify the reputation of your business.

Social Media

Today, your business’ website isn’t the most important aspect of its internet presence, or even of your online brand. Your social media presence is king when it comes to branding. Social media is the way most of your clients are relating to each other in at least some of their spare time. If you can bring your brand into their social media lives, you establish yourself not unlike another friend or family member to them.

At the very least, your business needs a Facebook page. Consider getting LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter pages to reach the most audiences possible. Cross post content to all of your pages, keeping in mind that posting several times to some platforms causes your posts to be hidden, while others will display all your recent posts with no problem.

Respond to customer comments and complaints on your social media pages as well as on Yelp. Post non-promotional, interesting material. This is how you will build brand loyalty.

Cooperate with Others

If you work with other brands who have similar target customer bases as your own, you will quickly and positively grow your reputation. In technical terms, link back and forth between your businesses to organically build a presence and offer mutually beneficial SEO perks.

Design Consistently

If you have one logo and font on your Facebook page and another on your Twitter, people aren’t going to know you’re the same person. Your brand’s design should be consistent. Use the same color combinations, style, and sensibility in all of your design. A professional designer will be able to do this optimally, with the help of designer and artist programs.


Branding your business is a lot of work. Fortunately, technology can help. By approaching your business from a technologically savvy perspective, you can create a brand that brings loyal new customers.