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Choosing The Right Injectors For Our Cleaning Tasks

Homeowners should try to learn the tricks of cleaning their houses properly. Professional cleaning contractors are using different methods to make their results much better. They can do things much more cost efficiently and much faster too. One of the long standing controversies is in how we apply chemicals in our home. There are many opinions associated with the correct methods of doing things properly. However, we may need to agree that there’s no single method that can work well in all situations perfectly. Common methods professionals use may include chemical applicator pumps, applying chemicals through the pump and downstream injection. Each of these cleaning methods has their own advantages, as well as some limitations. Downstream chemical injections are often used for cold pressure washers.

Downstram chemical injection is generally more affordable and we can turn the chemical on and off very quickly. Chemical injection that is performed before the pump should work well with hot pressure washers, because hot water can make chemical applications become more effective and it will be much easier to clean dirty surfaces. If chemicals won’t work well with pressure washers, we may need to use chemical application pumps. In the power washing industry, downstream injector is generally the more popular. They could operate well on waterpower and they can be coupled in-line. The water velocity can be used to create the much needed vacuum and this will draw the cleaning chemical that will be mixed with the water flow. We can regulate the water velocity by modifying the discharge orifice.

We can change the size of the discharge orifice by using rollover valve, dual lance wand or double nozzle head. Many manufacturers claim that we can achieve up to 20 percent higher chemical draw rates with these tools. However, some homeowners unrealistically expect to get more than 50 percent higher chemical draw rate, which is only possible with high-end injectors that can be fitted to the spray lance. The problem of using this injector is that the cost can be prohibitively high, unless we are planning to start a professional cleaning service. Such an injector could also be rather cumbersome to handle specific applications. However, we do need higher draw rates when we want to apply chlorine solutions to the exterior part of our house, such as fences, decks and outer walls. The problem is that the ideal concentration of chlorine can’t be achieved with average injectors that have 10 percent or 20 percent chemical draw rate.

Many homeowners consider this as too weak to clean our external walls and remove mildew. However, we could also use other chemicals that can achieve the same result with thinner concentration. Some less expensive injector could also reduce water flow and this will decrease the velocity, because vacuum can’t be achieved properly to draw the cleaning chemicals. This could happen when the discharge hose is too long, about 200 feet or longer. However, we could still ask sellers about proper tools for our cleaning requirements.

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