Choosing Tools For High-Pressure Cleaning

There are many ways we can perform cleaning task properly with high pressure cleaning tool and one of them is by using the upstream chemical injection. High pressure can be achieved through restricting the inlet water that goes to the pump. Vacuum can be created when the high pressure pump works at full capacity. It means that these pumps don’t need to be pressure fed and they should have the ability to properly draw chemicals and water from the chemical and water tanks. We should be able to create vacuum if the system is equipped with good gate valves and restrictor barb located in the inlet plumbing. Regardless of the high-pressure tool we choose, we should know more about its details. It is a well established fact that chemicals work well on high-pressure tool, especially if also use hot water. For this reason, we should be able to do the best job we can by using the right tools available.

There are applicator pumps that are used commonly in the power washing industry and they could be based on electrical diaphragm pumps of compressed air sprayers. For specific budgetary reasons, we may use the pump up sprayers. In fact, the power wash industry is among the cheapest way to start a business at lower costs. However, like any homeowner, we should look find low-cost answers to expensive problems. In this case, we may learn from power wash contractors, because they can be the most resourceful individuals we can meet. Pump up sprayers should be considered as a low-cost answer to costly problems that we may face regularly.

These sprayers should work well for our high pressure requirements and they can be available from $15 to $150. In this case, affordable sprayers are likely the type that we can find in hardware store or garden shop. More expensive sprayers can be found on pressure washer distributor shops, as well as contractor supply stores. There are obviously other differences that we need to consider, more expensive high-pressure sprayers could have epoxy coated steel, corrosion resistant tanks with stainless steel, viton seals and an overall stronger construction. We should be able to find all makes and models in the market. However, homeowners should use medium-priced sprayers that can provide them with a balance between durability and affordability. In general, it is not worth repairing or rebuilding a sprayer.

Powerful electrical pump can provide us with high-pressure water. It can create both pressure and suction that’s needed to clean up walls. Electric pumps are available in varying degree of voltage, such as 12V DC, 120V AC and 240AC. Regardless of the type of pump we use, it is important to know that viton diaphragm is needed when we use cleaning chemicals that are somewhat corrosive in nature. When choosing appropriate pumps, we should also consider discussing it with our friends who have an experience with such a system. Like any smart buyer, we should find a perfect balance between price, features and power.

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