11 Fitness Benefits Of Learning Muay Thai Boxing

If you have ever given thought to learning a Martial Art, there are many disciplines that you can choose from. Each style of martial arts is unique and has its own recognizable set of moves.

Muay Thai is more than just a fighting style, Muay Thai training offers many health benefits to those that practice it. Here are 11 of them.

Builds Strength

Muay Thai uses a lot of repetitive moves. Whenever anyone repeats the same move over and over they build muscle and strength.

Increased Endurance

It takes endurance to compete. The more you practice, the better your endurance levels. This includes taking strikes and boxing for longer periods of time. This is good for both training and for practical purposes in life.


It takes a dedicated person to learn the skills of Muay Thai boxing. It is a sport that is not for everyone! Skilled boxers spend hours every week training and perfecting their boxing skills.

11 Fitness Benefits Of Learning Muay Thai Boxing

Builds Speed

Muay Thai is all about “connecting” with your opponent. Speed and accuracy matter when boxing. The faster you can strike, the better.

Hand to Eye Co-Ordination

In training, hand to eye co-ordination increases. This helps with effective kicks, punches and elbow strikes. Hand to eye co-ordination also helps with your defensive moves.

Higher Self Respect

Studentsof all levels have a higher self-respect. After all, if you can fight you can do anything! It takes hard work and a strong desire to excel to truly master the art of Muay Thai boxing.

Cardiovascular Health

Muay Thai is an intensive workout that raises your heart rate and improves cardiovascular health. Oxygen is forced into your blood cells. Your heart is pumping and increases circulation.

Burns Fat

You almost never see a fat Muay Thai fighter. There is always the exception to the rule, but generally a fat boxer won’t stay that way for long. Boxing is a fat burner!

Cuts Stress Levels

Medical studies have found that stress is a silent killer. After a session in Muay Thai boxing, you will feel considerably less stressed. Boxing releases serotonin, a “feel good” hormone that helps to fight stress and feel more relieved.

Builds Concentration

In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to have concentration problems.  When you are training, the only thing that matters is your techniques and your opponent. Cell phones, social media and other common distractions go to the wayside.

Better Intuition

Muay Thai boxing forces you to become more aware of the situations going on around you. When boxing, your intuition skills are put to the test. You have to instinctively know how and where your opponent is going to strike you before he does it to defend yourself against it. Increased body awareness helps you with positioning so you can strike or defend in any situation. This can also help you sense danger in the real world. By becoming more aware, you increase your mental capabilities.

The payoff for becoming a skilled Muay Thai fighter is spectacular! You learn how to defend yourself and others in times of trouble. Your body is healthier. You gain mental clarity and increase your intuition levels. All of these things and more make the effort to become a boxer worth your time and energy. Get started today!

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