Synthetic Hgh and Its Side Effects

The pituitary gland your mind naturally secrets Human Growth Hormones (HGH). As it is obvious from its name, this hormone is responsible for your growth. It supports the growth of your body with full potential during childhood and it continues up to adulthood. It keeps your metabolism efficient.

But as you grow older; the secretion of Human Growth Hormone from pituitary gland of your mind get reduced. This causes fatigue, hypertension, weight gain, and the other related ailments generally associated with aging. As a remedy to aging effect of the body and to regain the originality the scientists have discovered some ways to synthetically produce HGH.

With initial test results shown positive responses. It was found that the use of HGH injections leads to increased bone density, disappearance of wrinkles, increased muscle mass, weight loss and improved sexual performance. Further, it was also predicted that one year of treatment of HGH will yield in reversing 10 years of aging. All these led to increased use of HGH injections and people started its misuse also.

In later stages, it caused a controversy that how much these HGH injections will be effective and will there be any negative effects in the long run. Such scholars oppose the ideas that and principles that weight loss can be achieved without any effort such as without dieting and without exercise. This possibility is claimed by Synthetic HGH. This does not appeal sound to them.

Synthetic Hgh and Its Side Effects

With many similar doubts cropping in mind the researchers have begun exploring the dangers of using synthetic-HGH injections. With many researches and debates it has been found that:

1. It is predicted that for the people who are not deficient of HGH hormones, they will attract negative effect in continuous and long use of HGH. It will attract many dangerous diseases such as diabetes, teeth gaping, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is applicable to athletes too who use HGH to enhance performance.

2. For cancer patients, higher levels of HGH can stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

3. Middle ear infection, visible water retention, muscle and joint stiffness, fluid retention in the limbs, and flu like symptoms.

4. Severe Occasional HGH Side Effects such as inflammation of the gastric and intestinal lining, bronchitis, infection, under active thyroid, and chest pain.

5. Mild side effects like high amounts of abnormal fat distribution, fat in the blood, numbness, nausea, tingling, water retention puffiness, dizziness, excessive sweating, backache, bone pain, breast tenderness, nose inflammation, high blood pressure, depression, and acute nose/throat/sinus infection.


Thus, you see that the side effects or negative effect of using HGH injections may occur only when it is used in excess quantity and when there is no need of it in your body. So, avoid anything in adverse, it is advised that you use HGH injections only as per prescription of your physician. Also, avoid using cheap quality HGH injections. Remember it is harmful only when used carelessly.

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