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How To Properly Recover From A Breast Implant Procedure

How To Properly Recover From A Breast Implant Procedure

Breast implants and augmentations are among the most common medical procedures in the United States. Though breast implants are classified as surgical procedures, they are typically among the safest types available. Despite this, a recovery phase is necessary after the surgery has taken place. The time in which it takes for a person to recover and heal from a breast implant procedure all depends on if they utilize the proper techniques for healing quickly. The following will provide details as to how to do this.

Make Sure To Do What the Doctor Says

Recovery for a breast implant procedure isn’t something that will be the same for every patient, which is why it’s essential to follow the exact instructions that are provided by the doctor that performs the procedure. They will provide a list of everything that a patient needs to do and should avoid doing in the weeks following the procedure, which should work to expedite the overall healing process. This criteria is based primarily on the age and health of the patient.

Apply Medication Regularly

Every patient that goes through breast implant surgery will be provided with medication afterwards that will allow the scars and any leftover pain to heal more rapidly. This medication also ensures that the patient doesn’t suffer from any infections to the area that was cut, which is why it’s so important that the medication is taken as often as prescribed. This should include topical medication that is spread over the scars and oral medication that relieves the pain and heals any internal scarring.

Keep Strenuous Activities to a Minimum

There are two reasons as to why strenuous activities should be kept to a minimum after the patient has progressed through the procedure. For one, too much strain and stress on the implant can cause the implants to become unbalanced from their positioning, while the surgical incisions can even come apart if a large amount of stress is placed onto this area. This can occur through such activities as playing any type of sport, lifting weights and other heavy items and jumping on a trampoline.

Sleep Flat On Your Back

It’s important not to apply pressure to the breasts after surgery, which is why sleeping in a sideways or face downwards position can apply undue pressure to these areas that can lead to an increase of pain or broken incisions. Lying flat on the back while sleeping should be done for a period of 10-14 days after the conclusion of the procedure.

Use a Supportive Bra

Directly after the procedure, it’s important to wear a supportive bra, such as a sports bra, for a small period of time, as the relative tightness of the bra will keep the breasts relatively motionless, allowing them to heal faster. Bras that are looser tend to do the opposite.

Apply a Moisturiser To the Affected Area

Breast implants will naturally make a persons breasts larger, which will in turn cause the skin to stretch due to the new mass that it has to support. In order to keep stretch marks from taking form, it’s important to provide a moisturiser to any hot or red areas on and around the breasts. This moisturiser should contain Shea butter.

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