King Bed – What To Look For While Purchasing One

May 15, 2015 Investments No Comments

After stressful work throughout the day, all you need is a good night sleep without any interruption. This is possible only if your bed is soft enough to offer peaceful time in your nap, without interrupting you of any noise, limited space, etc. However, in order to get rid of all the problems related to enjoying peaceful nap, experts always suggest buying king bed.

What is King Bed?

As the name says, it is the type of bed, which takes pride in being the king of all other cot sizes. This biggest bed type is the most suggested one, every time you plan to purchase a new bed to your rooms. This is because it offers huge area for you to easily move around in your sleep, without causing any disturbance to the person sleeping next to you.

Why King Bed

The only rule that you follow while going for bed shopping is that you should find the best suited one, which not only offers enough space for you to sleep, but also should fit in the available area in the room. It is not always necessary that only you alone will be using the bed that you will be purchasing, since you will surely use it as the sleeping area when you have guests at your place.

How to Finalise a King Bed

There are many things to be considered before finalising a bed and they are listed below.

  • The first thing to think about while purchasing a king bed is to measure the area in your room, so that you can accommodate it easily. While measuring the space, always make sure to think about the hallways or stairways or even the doorway that can interrupt your living area.
  • Not all the king beds are same types since some might include just two box springs, mattress and frame whereas some might include special footboard and headboard. Leave three to four feet area around the bed, so that you can move around easily without bumping into any furniture.

Types of Beds

King beds are available in two different types, Regular King Bed type and California King Bed Type.

Standard King Bed cot can accommodate the mattress of 72” wide and 80” long whereas the California King bed can offer the space for accommodating 84” long and 72” wide mattress. Regular King bed type is quite popular in almost all parts of the world whereas California king bed type is most commonly used in limited countries.

Bed Style

King bed type is differentiated based on the type of material that is used for designing the frames.

Wooden Frames, which is available in two different types such as platform and sleigh, will be designed with the frames that are noticeable whereas the Metal Framed king bed types are manufactured with the only goal for supporting the mattress, which makes them less noticeable.

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