Tips To Choose Right Watercolor Painting Brushes by Bob Ransley

Painting is an art that calls for the creative bent of mind; but, the right kind of brush plays equally important role in crafting a masterpiece. Ideally, the brushes are designed to decide the flow of color on a canvas and the minuteness involved in it. As said, the brushes decide the future of a painting, which mandates for selecting the right brush to give the perfect color stroke. With so many brushes available in the market, it is essential to look for the most suited one to color every angle of the painting.

  1. Round Synthetic Brushes:

Designed to give fine touches to a painting, they are thin and have pointed tips that allow coloring in tightest of the areas. In fact, they are best to add fine detailing to a painting and make it remarkable.

  1. Synthetic Script Brush:

Allowing more number of strokes in one go, it has the ability to hold a lot of paints and is suitable for giving accuracy towards painting edges.

  1. Oriental Small Squirrel Hair Brush:

Manufactured to hold a maximum amount of color in comparence to any other brush, it is exceptionally used to develop foliage and beautify the textured areas on a canvas. Moreover, they are board in shape and do not have any kind of pointed tips.

  1. Sable Hair Brushes:

Considered to be the best one in the category of paint brushes, these brushes are supple and maintain their texture on being cared properly. Though, they are available in various shapes; such types of brushes are mostly used by the professional artists.

  1. Flat Brushes:

Painting thick lines or filling colors to broaden a design is best done with flat brushes because they are wide and holds watercolor for quite a long time. Their thickness is well-known for giving exquisite touches to the painting.

  1. Spotter Brush:

Smaller in size with shorter bristles, these brushes are considered optimum for retouching with high capacity minute details.

  1. Rigger Brushes:

They are ideally round brushes with extra long brushes, which is suited for making continuous lines. Indeed, they are high quality brushes and enable the painters to give extra fine point designs.

  1. Wash Brushes:

Considered similar to be same as that of Flat Brushes, they are much wider in shape and are best suited to wash off the watercolor from other brushes.

When it comes to paint the creative mind on canvas, selecting the right brush is highly essential. It is because of the richness and preciseness that is delivered exceptionally. Getting the right brush means it buying good quality brushes like that of Bob Ransley. Designed with utmost care and extremely professional tone, these brushes reign supreme in quality. With so many shapes and points available, the brushes by Bob Ransley are considered as the best choice to paint marvelous designs on the canvas. So, it is always better to buy qualitative brushes for giving a professional touch to every painting. After all, paintings represent innovative thoughts.

Author Bio:

Bob Ransley was born in New England, and has constantly been on the move and has stayed across a variety of locations. He has been living in Maine for the past 6 years now, and his travels have been his inspiration for many of his finest works. He has become America’s most known colorist, due to the vast number of shades that he employs in his paintings. Robert Ransley can be followed on social media at @Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin and Facebook . For more background information on Bob , see his full bio over here.