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Building Restoration – Significance, Types and Particular Need For Its Roof Maintenance

The restoration of a building is really important for its safekeeping as well as longer lifespan. It is basically a process where the whole configuration of the building is renovated and improved for better functioning. It includes cleaning, painting, reconstruction, extension, plastering, plumbing, etc…..

Recently, many of the famous and old buildings have gone under considerable renovation consisting mainly of repairing, cleaning and painting. The demand for restoration has further increased in today’s life because of the alarming increase in the levels of air pollution across the whole world.


Building restoration is noteworthy not only as the device to fight the adverse effects of air pollution, but also as a way to represent a building or a monument as it is. It also replaces outdated equipments with new and advanced ones to enhance its efficiency.

Painting has also taken a new route, as the older forms are no longer available or allowed due to being unstable or non-eco-friendly. Various types of advanced painting are being used today for different types of building renovation.

Take the example of industrial painting London UK in which all of the steelwork used in industries are painted using cradle and rope access, so that the machines can operate effectively in  challenging industrialized surroundings. It is important because it reduces the rate of decay and corrosion of a building. As a result, the risk of extensive damage to the building and its insides is reduced to a huge extent.

Types of Building Restoration

It is generally of three types

The first step, i.e., cleaning involves the cleaning of exterior of a building. It is particularly for the buildings, which have suffered severely from the air pollution. Buildings made up of marble, sandstone, etc. have especially turned black from the smog. Cleaning restores the colour and shine of a building.

The repairing part of the restoration consists of rebuilding of the broken parts of the building, which were affected by the pollution, especially acid rain.

The last stage of the restoration is reconstruction, which is usually done in case of earthquakes and other natural disasters due to which the old buildings were damaged.

Why is Roof Maintenance Required?

A roof is considered as the primary defence of a building from natural and artificial perils such as rain, hail, fire, explosives, etc.  Therefore, there is a requirement for regular examination and maintenance as well as repair, so that the roof of a building does its job efficiently.

What to do to for Roof Maintenance?

Recognize the signs of roof damage such as leakage of water, cracks, holes, etc. Huge amount of water present on the roof, gaps in the roof flashing and bubbles (due to the trapped moisture and gases) are some of the visual indications that point towards a broken roof.

Standard maintenance and repair will increase the life of a roof. It can be done by focusing on climatic effects on the roof, for how long it has been built and how much it is used. Inspection twice a year is usually recommended for effective restoration of a roof.

Lastly, always remember to check on building whenever there is a strong change in weather or a natural disaster such as earthquake. Keep the building clean and avoid rubbing of the trees on its roof and walls. As a tip, select a restoration service provider, who will not only renovate the building, but also has the skills of converting an area such as attic or roof into an extension, which is of your use.

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