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How To Select The Right Electric Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a boon for the disabled and those who have an injury, which is obstructing them for walking. The electric wheelchair is also generally known as electric power wheelchair works when the user taps on the throttle built on the armrest. Unlike olden days today when there was the only option of buying manual wheelchair. Today, in the market you can find a wide assortment of electric wheelchairs, making it confusing for you to pick one. Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a wheelchair:

As there are plenty of electric wheelchairs in the market you need to do a little research before you finalise on one. You can speak to your medical and rehab supplier about the nature of your disability and your requirement so that he can suggest the kind of electric wheelchair that will be useful for you. For instant the patients who have been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury have partial function of their hands and thus they need a wheelchair accordingly. The most popular ones include rear wheel drive wheelchairs Folding Power Wheelchairs, mid Wheel Drive Wheelchairs, Front Wheel Drive Wheelchairs, Bariatric Power Wheelchairs and All Terrain Wheelchairs.

No matter, which electric wheelchair you choose make sure you do a little comparison of the features and the cost by speaking to different suppliers. On the Internet you can find electric wheelchair for Sale on many e-stores as well. This will help you make great amount of savings and as different suppliers have varying schemes to make sales they might even offer you some accessories completely free with the wheelchair.

You need to talk to your insurance provider to know what you are eligible for. In most cases the insurer will pay only for the cost of wheelchair however, you would need your doctor’s approval on it. Medicare covers about 80% of the cost of the wheelchair and the rest 20% will be taken care by thesupplemental/secondary insurance. This said such eligibilitywould be valid only when Medicare is your primary insurance carrier.

Although the cost of the electric wheelchair will be covered by the insurance company there are certain accessories you would need to pay for such as the extra cup holder or the battery, which might raise your budget and won’t be covered for in the medical care expenses.

After you have finalised on the wheelchair make sure you read through the contract. This will ensure that you get what you are actually paying for and that there are no hidden clause or costs that you might have to pay for later on.

Apart from this, if you intend to get your power wheelchair customised, remember that it would take at least a couple of months. Looking at the time it would take it is advisable to place your order before time and have an alternative temporary means of mobility.Once you have covered up all these points, you can go ahead and be assured of making a prudent electric wheelchair purchase!

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