Relocating To A New Office? Some Important Factors To Consider

Moving to a new residence comes fraught with its own set of difficulties, as anyone who has had to move from one location to another will attest. You not only have to think about all the items you will bring (and dispose of), you also have to plan your schedule accordingly as well as plan for any incidents or unforeseen circumstances, such as weather disturbances, traffic conditions, and the like.

But if you are planning to relocate to a new office, the difficulties become even more prevalent, especially when you have to contend with storage for certain items and possibly stock, delicate office machinery and equipment, a ton of paper files and documents, and more.

So when planning an office relocation, there are some major factors to consider. By taking note of these factors, you can lessen the likelihood of a stressful move and make your move more painless and hassle-free.

Important factors to consider for a successful office removal

Make a List of All your Items

You can begin preparing for your move to a new office by making a list of all the items you have. You have to take down exactly which items will be brought to the new location as well as which items will be stored and which items will be disposed of or given away. Keeping track of all your items will help prevent items from being lost later on, and it will also help you organise the items in your new location more efficiently.

Be Involved

If you are enlisting a removal company to pack your office items, then you should play an active role in the organisation and have a complete understanding of how the removal crew will go about packing your items, transporting them, and unloading them. If the removal crew is doing an assessment of your belongings, take them around your office premises yourself and make it a point to have an additional member of your team present as well. Once the assessment is done, the removal firm’s coordinator should also present you with a written quotation, such as those provided by removal experts in Gloucester like

Give the Removal Crew All the Information they Need

It is often so easy to leave everything up to the removal crew – after all, we are paying for their service. But you also have to do your part and give them all the information they need, such as info on restricted access (both at the existing and new location), parking allowances and facilities, operating hours, and more. If you can, present the removal crew with a floorplan of the new location and have them colour-code your boxes according to the room where they will be placed so you can have a smoother and more seamless move.

Get References – but a Personal Visit is Important as Well

Whilst it is always a good idea to get recommendations and references about removal firms in your area from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, it is also in your best interest to make a personal visit to the removal firm’s premises so you can have a better perspective of what they can provide. Having a look at their facility will allow you to see their operating standards and help you assess the quality of the work they can do for you. If you have a good impression of their facility and office and if everything looks well-organised, then you can consider them for your move.