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Things We Should Know About Green Cars

Our own car is definitely the convenient mode of transportation. It facilitates our transportation from one point to another. Car definitely makes our lives much easier. If it wasn’t for the availability of cars, travelling far distances will be more than an annoyance. However, there’s a price to pay. There are nearly one billion of vehicles on the road to day and they require constant supply of oil-based fuel. The amount of exhaust produced has reached a colossal figure, many tons of carbon dioxide and other pollutants are released each day. It is clear that cars are chewing up our planet’s sustainability.

Cars are depleting our natural resources, especially due to the limited oil reserves. Tons of exhaust gases can easily pollute the environment. This could seem like a double-edge sword that slices up our own future on Earth. There are many ill effects that are produced by environmental pollutions. Many of us are aware of terms like “global warming”. Human being has just realized that danger of fossil fuel pollution, since the widespread use of this source of energy is relatively new. Unfortunately, there are still no substantial breakthroughs that allow us to significantly reduce the emission of cars powered by fossil fuel.

This situation has resulted in a number of innovations and one of them is green vehicles. There are many definitions of green vehicles, but the simplest one is probably cars that cause minimal harms to the environment. “Green” doesn’t really designate color, but it is a very dynamic concept that involves any eco-friendly implementation. It isn’t only related to minimal uses of fossil fuel, but also toxic and non-sustainable materials. There are different alternatives associated with green cars, but these vehicles are typically powered by solar energy and hydrogen. Models powered by compressed natural gas and electricity may not be considered entirely green, because natural gas still produces dangerous emission and a large proportion of electricity is generated with coal and other fossil fuels. On the other hand, it is still debatable whether hybrids can be considered as green car. However, many governments are using specific standards, such as Euro-6 to determine whether a car is qualified as a green vehicle.

The development of green vehicle is fuelled by the increased awareness among consumers and experts about the harmful effects of fossil-based cars. It is a positive step that’s aimed to protect the environment. There are different types of green vehicles available in the market and hybrids are considered as the most popular. It should be noted that many hybrid models can’t meet the Euro-6 standards, so they can’t be designated as green vehicles. Hybrids are powered by a couple types of fuels, standard gasoline and electricity. The overall gasoline emission can be reduced by up to 50 percent, depending on the usage types. More improved hybrids can recover some of the energy, such as the kinetic energy produced by the braking action.

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