Make Your Investment Wise

Ever increasing cost of health industry and deteriorating lifestyles have doubled the need for health insurance product. Health insurance has become one of the inevitable products to purchase to safeguard health and pocket. With several insurance companies providing wide array of insurance product, it is certainly easy at the same time challenging task to shop the right health insurance product.

Pick Your Cup of Tea

There are several types of health insurance plans to select from. It is your task to select the right one that assures you with right protection for yourself and including your family. Some of the important factors to consider before shopping heath insurance product include nature of job, size of your family, volume of income, disease history of family, health condition of family members, nature of atmosphere, character of place you live and more.

Some of the important health insurance plans to select from include Individual health plan, Family health plan, Surgery & critical illness policy, Pre-existing disease cover plans, Senior citizen health plan, Preventive health care plan and more. Different insurance companies give different names for their insurance products. Make a research and compare the existing plans and pick your cup of tea.

Important Features of Health Insurance

Here are some of the important features of best health insurance. Make sure that your insurance product assures the following to you.

  • Cashless treatment
  • Pre & Post hospitalization
  • Ambulance charges
  • No claim bonus
  • Medical Check-up
  • Tax Benefits
  • Co-Payment

How to Get Best Health Insurance Product

Here are some of the factors to consider that makes your health insurance product best for you.

Caps & Sub-limits:- Imposing of co-payment and sub-limits can reduce the premium amount. But make sure that in the long run it never affects the benefits of the insurance. You should consider this factor in terms of paying capacity and requirement to enjoy maximum benefits.

Claim settlement record: – Make sure that you shop insurance product from a company with good claim settlement record to avoid further disputed.

Scope of Coverage: – Keep in mind that policies with low premium don’t mean that they are good ones. Have a look at the coverage of plan in accordance with premium to get comprehensive plan.

Renewability: – Make sure that your plan covers sufficient years and gives the proper cover when you really need it, during old age.

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