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5 Off Site SEO Tips to Remember

You’ve probably already fixed your meta tags, added keyword-rich content and took other SEO-related steps on your site, but you might not have thought about any off site tips just yet. However, optimizing your page on both your site and elsewhere on the Web is essential if you want your search engine rankings to climb as high as possible. Luckily, following these five off site SEO tips can help you achieve the rankings that you want without too much of a hassle.

  1. Consider Posting Guest

Posts If you can post guest blog posts on favorite sites from your niche, you can gain both natural traffic from the site’s visitors and traffic through boosted search engine rankings. Posting guest blog posts is generally pretty easy; you simply contact someone with a blog in your industry and ask if you can submit a post in exchange for a link to your site. When writing this content, make sure that it is of a top-notch quality, and don’t submit anything that you wouldn’t post on your own site.

  1. Forums Can Help

Joining forums is a great way to learn more about your niche while making friends and connections, but it can also help you boost your search engine rankings. With many forums, posting a link in your signature is a great way to gain exposure and add nice backlinks to your portfolio at the same time. When doing so, however, you should make certain that you don’t post any spam content. Always follow the rules of the forum, and contribute helpful and friendly posts. Then, you can keep the forum administrator happy while gaining your links and meeting lots of people from your niche.

  1. Use Social Media

Recent and upcoming changes from your favorite search engines are now focusing a bit more on popular social media sites, so take advantage of this phenomenon for boosted rankings and for traffic through social media. Create profiles on the most popular social networking sites, and communicate with your viewers, potential viewers and more. This is a great way to both go viral and pop up in the search engine results.

  1. Submit Your Site to Directories

Using popular website or blog directories and those in your niche is a good way to boost your search engine rankings; for best results, however, you will want to make sure that the directory is a reputable one. It can take a while to get added to some of these directories, and some of the more popular ones even charge for listings. Many people find that it is worth the wait and money, however, because they often see significant increases in their search engine rankings.

  1. Don’t Spam

Although it can be tempting to spread the word about your site through blog comments and other posts on the Internet, you have to be careful not to spam any sites. Not only can this make webmasters pretty upset with you, but it can also cause you and your site to be penalized by Google and other popular search engines. Instead, make sure that everything that you post is helpful and interesting. As you can see, these off site SEO tips can help you succeed, and many of them are easy to pull off on your own. If you need more advanced help with SEO, however, you can always contact these SEO experts for any questions about website marketing in Toronto.

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