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Components Of Electric Car

Before purchasing an electric car, it is important for us to know more about its components. Understanding these components could help us to appreciate more about the technology that allows the car to stay in our garage. Any electric car requires a motor. Motors vary in weight, size and shape. They can use both DC and AC electricity, depending on the car models. We should choose car with motors that are suitable to our budget and performance preferences. Another thing that we should consider is motor controller and it is needed to adjust the speed at which the electric motor spins. The electric motor will spin at full speed when a specified voltage is applied. Depending on the voltage level, the electric motor can run between 0 rpm and maximum rpm. Our electric car also has the throttle pot box and it is connected to our stock throttle cable. When the throttle is pushed, the pot box will send a signal equal to the amount of pressure we are putting. This will send information to the motor controller about the amount of voltage that needs to be applied to achieve specific rpm on the electric motor.

Adapter plate is a component that connects the electric motor with the transmission. Contactor is essentially a high voltage relay that connects the battery pack with the motor controller. Electric car needs fuse to cut power when the level of amperage is too high. An electric car should also have a manual switch that allows us to disconnect the main battery pack. This can help us to stop the car safely for specific maintenance purposes. Another essential component is the battery pack itself and it determines our range and performance level. We should also consider about different models of charger and it will depend on the type of battery we use. DC/DC converter is also essential and it makes sure that our battery can be properly charged. The converter can also be used to power horn, stereo, lights and other components.

When working with the electric car, we should know about its basic parameters. If we are willing to tinker with our car better, we may purchase voltage gauge and high-voltage ammeter to know whether the car has an ideal traction. Heater is an essential component to make sure the car is comfortable to use when we are driving in colder areas. However, we should make sure that turning the heater on won’t significantly reduce the performance and the operational time of our car. Heaters in electric cars often use ceramic elements that work as the heater core.

By understanding these components, we will be able to better communicate with mechanics to discuss things that may have gone wrong. Electric cars work different compared to standard cars so we should make sure that they are able to run smoothly regardless of the situation. The maintenance process can be quite different compared to standard cars.

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