Getting Fit For Your Summer Holiday!

As we’re not getting much of a summer here in the UK, the temptation to book a quick, last minute week away in the sun is high. In fact I booked a spontaneous beach holiday to Tenerife last week, the initial idea of a staycation is gone and I’m ready for some sunshine, and sand between my toes. One thing I haven’t prepared for however is my bikini body! My exercise efforts have been lacking recently so I’ve been adding in small additions to my daily routine to increase my fitness and feel better about myself when I come round to boarding that plane.

I’ve shared a few top tips and ideas for you, as you may well be planning a last minute break in the sun or just want to increase your health and fitness!

Ditch The Car

We’ve evolved to just hopping into the car when we need to leave the house, even if we’re just popping to the local shop. If possible, leave the car when you can and get those legs working. It’s amazing the difference adding just half an hour of walking into your routine can make! It will get your heart pumping and keep your legs trim.  Download an app to your smartphone to keep track of how many steps you’re doing to monitor your progress! Did you know the average adult should aim for 10,000 steps a day?

Getting Fit For Your Summer Holiday!

Equipment For The Home

Not all of us can afford to splash out on expensive gym equipment, or necessarily have the space! That doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a few pieces of small equipment that can be stored away when not in use. A set of weights is a great start to build up your muscle and tone your body. Just a 20-30 minute weights workout before bed will soon begin to show results. A gym step is another cheap and basic piece of equipment, you can even use it whilst you’re watching TV! If you’re looking to tone your tummy, then an ab curler is fantastic and can be picked up for as little as £15!

Use Your Body

No money for a gym membership or equipment? There’s no excuses! There are plenty of exercises you can do whilst in your PJ’s at home. Squats, lunges, planks and sit-ups are all effective exercises in weight loss and toning that require nothing other than your body. Set yourself a daily goal and try and better yourself week-on-week.

Personal Trainer Sessions

If you do have a little spare cash to invest in a few personal training sessions, these are a fantastic method to not only lose weight, but to understand your body and your needs. Your personal trainer will discuss not only the best fitness regime for you, but dietary habits too. If you want to fully commit to completely changing your lifestyle for the better a personal trainer is the way forward. My personal trainer in Bury St Edmunds has helped me view life from a healthier and pro-active view point. I’m not saying you need a personal trainer, but if it’s a life overall you’re after, then it’s certainly worth thinking about.

Say No To Replacements

It’s hard to log onto any social media channel at the moment without someone thrusting a magic weight loss tea or dietary drink replacement with a picture showing amazing results. Sure you might lose a fair few pounds but this is extremely difficult and unhealthy to maintain and the weight will soon pile back on. Instead of trying to take shortcuts, just take the healthy route and gradually introduce more fruit and vegetables into your diet. Try and have a day or two without carbs too, to reduce bloat.

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