Why We Should Be Wary Of Misleading Search Engine Results?

Not a day goes without new reports about hacking into financial accounts, infiltration of personal information and Internet scams. Illegal activities also take place in the SEO industry and our search engine rankings could be affected by different issues. As SEO specialists, it is our responsibility to make sure that the website could reach proper positions when users look for it in major search engine platforms. Search engine results could also be somewhat misleading and there are cases when our ranking is scored high when we are still logged into the Google account. This is especially true if Google knows that website is associated with our identity. It appears that Google is keeping a search history that contains our information. It can be bypasses, deleted and turned off, but we need to do it with a rather tedious result. Actually, Google also mentions that there could be different search results when we are logging into the system. For this reason, it is important for SEO specialists to test the results while they are logged out or in a special computer that has no traces of Google accounts in it.

Results may also change when we delete the browser cookies, so it is clear that determining a stable Google search result can be somewhat tricky. There are different methods that we need to choose and they may include combination of using and deleting cookies. Google’s skewed results are actually provided as a way to make them more comfortable to use. This will allow users to get related results to things that they have searched before. Users won’t need to “reinvent the wheel” and it is really easy to discover things that we used in the past. With this fact, we should be somewhat cautiously optimistic with our SEO achievement and even with our thorough tests, it would be necessary to ask people who live in different countries to check whether they get identical results. In general, search results are typically dependent on the type of keyword we use. We should also need to find out how much competition that revolved around a keyword. In this case, we may need to use specific optimization techniques to make sure that our website could show up on the first page.

Overall, the Internet is a highly competitive landscape and it is affected by many different factors. In fact, it is considered an extraordinary feat to achieve a position anywhere in the first page or even in the second or third page, depending on the keyword. In fact, a business could earn a large amount of income by achieving a position in 4th or 5th page for very heavily contested keywords, like loan, debt and insurance. SEO professionals should have a passion for perfection and they need to regularly look for ways to further refine their methods. Not only legal SEO methods could still provide misleading results, the rampant deception in the industry could further confuse clients.

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