What Not To Do When Creating A Banner Display

It has become easier and easier to create your own banner for your shop, office, or exhibition display. Online printing companies help you produce professional roller banners and pvc banners to promote your products and your services, but just because it’s easy to create a banner, doesn’t mean it’s easy to create an effective banner. All too often people design banners that are cluttered and messy, with the message lost in lots of text or irrelevant images. If you want to design an effective banner, start by avoiding all these things.

  1. Use Confusing, Busy Graphics

Overuse of ornate, confusing, strange and intricate graphics makes your banner a turn-off. Too many graphics, or images that look out of place, can be distracting and take away from the message you are trying to put out there. Select bold, easily recognisable, simple images. You don’t need to win prizes for your artwork. Your banner is the place to be direct and give people what they understand.

  1. Make Your Headline Long and Puzzling

People only take a few seconds to register your banner, whether they are walking past at a trade show or driving past in their car. They simply will not take in a long and wordy headline. Create a headline for your banner that is simple and easy to remember. If your headline grabs them, they will take a few extra moments to process you and will then decide to spend more time getting to know your product or service.

  1. Use a Small, Detailed Typeface

Your text should stand out. An elegant typeface is great for a brochure but on a display it gets lost. Go for bold with a simple, powerful typeface that is easy to read at a distance.

  1. Make Your Message Too Complicated

As we said before, people only take a few seconds to look at your banner display so when you get your roller banner printing organized, consider exactly what you want to say and write it in a concise, straightforward way. You can use bullet points but keep the message short. It should also be easy to remember. You are not selling your entire company with one banner. Instead, focus on one element that you are promoting.

  1. Hide Your Company Name

You pay a lot of money for a stand at an event, so why hide your name so people can’t see it? Unless you are as big a company as Coca Cola, you’re going to need more than a logo for people to recognize you. Place the name of the company in the top part of the roller banner so it is easy to see.

  1. Forget Your Website

If the attendees see something they like about your stand or your company, then can visit your website at their convenience to find out more. But they won’t be able to visit if they can’t see your web address on the banner. Make it easy for people to reach you by including your website in a prominent location. It helps if your domain name is easy to remember, too.