How Should You Choose Ruby Jewelry?

Rubies are one of the most precious stones in the world. Available in a wide variety of colors such as purple, pink and red, they belong to the corundum family of minerals. The color variations and individuality of gemstone makes it a preferred choice for many women. Here are some tips that you should follow to select ruby jewelry of the best quality:-

Check the Hardness of the Gemstone

Rubies are usually rated at 9 on Moh’s scale. Diamonds, on the other hand, are rated at 10 while turquoise at somewhere between 5-6.

Verify the Variations of Ruby Colors

Some of the best quality of ruby gemstones are red in color. Some of these red colored gemstones come with a yellow or orange tone. Others are red colored with blue or purple tones. But keep one thing in mind. Heat is applied to almost all rubies to enhance their clarity and color. Jewelers often make use of dyes to augment of the color of rubies. They often use coatings to hide surface fractures. These coatings usually wear off with the passage of time.

How Should You Choose Ruby Jewelry?

Find Out the Region from which a Ruby is Sourced

Burmese rubies are widely regarded as some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. Other countries that are known to produce high-quality rubies include Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Madagascar. Therefore, whenever you plan to buy ruby jewelry, make it a point to find out the region from which it has been sourced.

Check the Tone and Saturation Level of the Ruby

Another area that you need to pay adequate attention to is how dark the gemstone is in color. Rubies of the best quality usually have a moderate amount of darkness. They are neither very dark or very light. Therefore, look for the ones that come with medium darkness.Color saturation is the intensity of the shade of the gemstone. In case of rubies, stones with an intense red shade are regarded as more valuable as compared to those that are not as lively.

Clarity of the Ruby

Normally, people expect a ruby to come with some inclusions. Though you are not likely to come across a ruby that is totally flawless, yet the ones of the best quality do not have any visible flaws to the naked eye. There is a type of ruby known as star ruby. Its beauty is enhanced with the help of inclusions.The polished stones are known as cabochons and reflect light in the pattern of a six-ray star. It is an optical effect that is caused by a web of minute ‘silk’ inclusions. Find out all treatments that have been used to enhance the look of the ruby. Ask the jeweler whether the ruby was natural or artificially created. This will ensure that the jewelry piece that you opt for is of the best quality.

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