Importance Of Branded Freebies

Congratulations! You’re representing your company at an exhibition and you’re all set to go. You have the banners, the videos and your staff on hand to share everything about your company your prospective customer could want to know. You’ve considered using some cheap disposable USB sticks that are branded as freebies, but decided not to as no one keeps such things anyway, right? However, if you go with the right freebie it can work very well for you in so many ways that other forms of marketing simply cannot do. Your freebies need to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

How do you Make the Freebies More Interesting?

Useful or Unique Freebies are Always Welcome

When people get a freebie they are usually getting a branded pen, notepad or something similar. In time, these wind up in the trash. Make your freebie stand out from the crowd. Instead of a USB stick or a pen, be original. Consider a stress ball they can keep on their desk.  Another excellent choice is a USB cup warmer. Everyone wants to have a hot cup of tea or coffee at their desk. Make your freebie so unique that everyone wants to stop at your booth and get one. It will stand out from the rest of the crowd and no one will ever forget your company name or logo.

Don’t Overdo It

If you want to win your customer be sure that you’re not giving away so many freebies that you appear desperate. Of course, everyone is going to want one. However, it won’t be because they care about your brand, they just want the freebie so watch out that it doesn’t backfire.

Don’t Be Too Obvious

People want something for nothing, it’s part of human nature. A company will use freebies as part of their marketing strategy. Whilst it won’t always get the sale, it will keep your name at the forefront of peoples minds.  A good freebie should support not undermine the companies marketing strategy.  Encourage customers to share their new acquisition on social media by providing them with a memorable hashtag.  Their followers should be interested enough to find out what their friends or colleagues are tweeting about and look you up to find out more information. You want people to remember who and what your company is about. You want others to walk by the persons desk and say, “I wish I had one of those, where did you get that?” This opens up a conversation about your company right then and there. This keeps your company at the forefront even after the big event where you handed out the freebies to begin with. The person that just walked by the desk and asked is going to be thinking, “and all I got was this stupid pen, I wish I’d gone to that table”.