5 No-Gym Excuses and How To Smash Them

Did you know that there are over 100 gyms in the Dublin area? You can find all kinds of gyms in Dublin from a basic centre with some weights to a luxury fitness club with all the amenities. Of course, signing up to a Dublin gym is only the beginning. You’re going to have to use it – and keep going – to see great results. If you find your enthusiasm waning after a few weeks, check out these excuse-busting reasons to make fitness a part of your life.

5 No-Gym Excuses and How To Smash Them

  1. I Never Have the Time

If you realise you are not going to have the time for your regular 30-minute gym session, work out how you can fit two 15-minute sessions into the day, for example by going for a quick run or walking to the shops. If you can’t make it to the gym, have a fitness DVD at home or a plan to run around the local park. If you are constantly finding it hard to find time to work out look at how you can better manage your time to make fitness a priority – ask people who have busy lives how they manage to do it.

  1. It’s Too Cold Outside

It’s clear that the climate in Dublin is not going to be the best if you love exercising outdoors, so make sure that you sign up to one of the many gyms Dublin offers. A gym is the ideal place when the weather is not too great.

  1. I’m Too Tired

It’s a bit of a vicious circle – you feel tired so you don’t exercise, and then you feel more tired. Exercise can actually give you more energy, so remind yourself of this when you are feeling a bit lethargic. If you’ve had a particularly hard week at work, try spreading out the exercise in smaller time frames so that it doesn’t exhaust you. And try to get better rest.

  1. Fitness is Too Boring

You’re clearly not at the right gym, or doing the right activities. Of course fitness will be boring if you are doing something you hate, or doing the same thing over and over again. Choose an activity that is fun and challenging, and vary your routine so that you are trying new things on a regular basis. Joining a gym like www.thedartryhealthclub.ie helps because you can try a range of activities form swimming to fitness classes. Not everyone enjoys running on a treadmill, so find something that you like, and go for it. It also helps if you exercise with a friend or your partner, and you make fitness a fun part of your day by incorporating an opportunity to see friends, or enjoy a smoothie afterwards.

  1. Getting Fit is Too Painful

If you are suffering from an injury or health condition make sure that you are cleared by the doctor before you start exercising. There are certain activities that are better for you if you are not used to exercise, or you have a health condition. Check with your doctor to find out.

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