Diamond Tennis Bracelets- A Timeless Jewelry Piece

July 24, 2015 Health News No Comments

A woman’s wardrobe looks incomplete without jewelry. No matter how gorgeous you may look in an attire, you will fail to attract attention if you don’t wear a jewelry piece that has a perfect balance with it. If comfort is your priority, and you intend to flaunt a sparkly, yet fashionable jewelry piece, then diamond tennis bracelets would be an ideal option for you.


Diamond tennis bracelets are of different types. They are available in a wide range of styles. The classic tennis bracelets come with a set of diamonds that are set are set close together. They usually come with a bezel setting and have a smooth finish. The Line-and-Dot Diamond Bracelets come with a 16 bezel set diamond in alternating size that are surrounded by a thin line of micropave diamonds. Line diamond bracelets are a perfect foil for women who have a preference for a bracelet that is a perfect combination of radiance and glamor.

Most people are often confused as to whether they should go for tennis bracelets made from gold or platinum. As compared to gold, platinum is more costly since it is rare to find and looks akin to white gold. But it is heavier and has more durability. White gold also has fewer chances of getting scratched. Therefore, if you can work your budget, then platinum would be a better option.

There is also a great difference between box and lobster clasps. Both can be used with convenience and are highly safe. If you opt for a box clasp, the bracelet design will camouflage it while the lobster clasp is more visible and perfect for ladies who prefer thinner styles. Bezel settings are very popular among ladies who use tennis bracelets, and they provide a smooth finish to each diamond. They are normally round shaped, but square bezels are more stylish.

But if you prefer diamond settings that have more sparkle and good light penetration, then you should opt for Pro settings. When diamonds are set beside each other, shared prongs are utilized. This enables them to sit closely.Micro pave setting is used for setting tiny diamonds within the band.

Last, but not the least pay attention to the length of the bracelet. The proper size of the bracelet can be judged when you can put your finger between the bracelet and wrist. You will feel comfortable only if it is neither too loose nor too tight. In case you have a thin wrist then the bracelets will have to be re-sized.

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