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The Best Home Gadgets You Should Have Right Now

Ever since the start of the 20th century, technology has grown by leaps and bounds, churning out gadget after gadget. Expectations rise each time a new product claiming to rid us of our first world problems emerges. From the traditional mobile phone and the CD player to MP3 players, and smart homes, people around the world now efficiently operate major appliances around the house with just a click of a button. A revolutionary step, this represents the next stage in the area of wireless technology, and it is fast becoming a trend that almost every major tech brand is catching on to, be it Sony, Panasonic or even Apple and Google.

But with so many high-tech latest home gadgets, how would you know which one is the best? Below we present you a collection of best home gadgets for the year 2015:

Chamberlain MyQ Garage – Smart Garage Door Opener

Gone are the days when you had to fumble for your garage door opener remote; Chamberlain’s door opener lets you tap the screen of your device to open or close your garage door, that too from literally anywhere.

Quirky Aros – Smart Air Conditioner

This taps a particularly touchy point with many as most of us want to escape the sweltering heat the moment we step into the house, if only our air conditioners would cooperate. With Quirky Aros, that just might be a possibility. Through an iOS or Android wink app, you can turn on your smart A.C, an 8,000 BTU unit, at its lowest temperature to gradually cool by the time you reach home. You can even set the A.C to follow a specific schedule, so that you can step into a cool house every single time.

NuBryte – Smart Home System

Perhaps, the most alluring part of home gadgets is the ability to operate home appliances wirelessly, regardless of where you are. With NuBryte, you can set your own preferences, thanks to its multi-functional abilities. You can program the lights to turn on the moment you enter the room. It can also be used as a security camera.

Kwikset Kevo powered by UniKey – Smart Home Lock

This smart home lock can be locked or unlocked through just the touch of your finger. You can assign multiple keys and monitor activity at all times via the device’s alerts system. Plus, it’s rather harmless and normal-looking, as nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Multi-function Projection Alarm Clock

Ever found yourself scrambling for your alarm clock in a panic to check the time thinking you were late? This multifunction projection alarm clock saves you those precious little seconds by displaying the time via its projector. It also projects the clock’s alarm and calendar display along with indoor temperatures and humidity levels.

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