How To Easy Clean Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment

– Clean the toilette and the toilette brush. Use a commercial detergent for the basic cleaning, then, take care about the adjacent areas. From the bathroom sink to the bathtub and all other big objects – they should be high on the list. Yet they are usually the most soiled objects and they need a more thorough treatment. Cleaning with a sanitizing agent is also recommended on a scheduled basis.

– Kitchen cleaning usually starts with the heavily soiled objects too, for example, the oven, the fridge and the kitchen sink. A complete removal of dry kitchen grease is one of the greatest tasks and you can deal with it by using a simple homemade detergent of hot water, baking soda, dishwashing detergent and rubbing alcohol. According to how much you are mixing, you can get a truly powerful solution to apply even to the hardest stains and blemishes. If needed – let the solution to soak up for a dozen minutes and brush the dry grease out via stiff brush. Clean with towels or paper towels and once more the homemade detergent if needed. After that, polish the metal surfaces like the oven racks with a special metal polishing compound to restore its original look.

– Clean all attached objects on the walls like kitchen cabinets, shelves and other hardware. Pay more attention to the hidden parts, for example, at the edges near the walls and the objects, at the void spaces between the walls, etc. Clean the wooden surfaces with a soft paper towel or a cotton towel. A light mixture of hot water and dishwashing detergent should be a great way to remove light greasy spots near the handles of the shelves or from the surfaces that are located near the oven.

– Cleaning the floorings in the bathroom and in the kitchen is the next step that should take place in every house cleaning agenda. It is usually a long and difficult activity, but it enhances the final outlook of the entire room. The best way to achieve best results is to hire a cleaning agency with professional tools, detergents and teams. They know best how to deal with all types of surfaces like stone, tiles and grout lines, which are typical floorings for the bathroom and the kitchen. Or else, you can use a rental scrubber machine for floors, which can also ensure the best results on a lower cost basis. Or else, let`s do everything by yourself and make a simple homemade solution of rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, dishwashing detergent and hot water. This solution can really help you to get rid of dark areas and stains onto tiled surfaces, while for the cleaning of the grout lines a great idea is to use a stiff brush and more rubbing than homemade detergent.

– A proper cleaning of the bathroom ends with the polishing of the chrome surfaces, which are usually everywhere from the showerhead to the edges of the mirrors or in some small attached accessories to the walls. A lot of rubbing with a special detergent for chrome parts and clean towels will ensure you a much better effect, than you expected.

– Dealing with mold and mildew is another complicated part of the bathroom. These little droplets of evaporated water are basically everywhere and the best way to eliminate them is to always leave the door and the window of the bathroom open for a while. Or else, use a ventilator to reduce the condensing water.

– After cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen – apply a sanitizing and deodorizing agent to ensure a longer lasting clean effect and a more pleasing finish.

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