List Of Food To Avoid During The Pregnancy

Well balanced diet is very important for all the expected mothers. If you want to have a trouble-free pregnancy and also a healthy baby it is important to follow a healthy diet. Unfortunately, nowadays the varieties of fatty processed foods on the shelves of the supermarket shelves make it impossible to follow a well-balanced diet during the pregnancy. However, with the doctor advices and planning, most expected mothers will get to know very quickly, which foods are best to consume during pregnancy and more importantly foods to avoid while pregnant.

Proper nutrition and well balance diet are responsible for the normal fetal growth and its development. It also helpful for the mother also, as eating the appropriate foods maintain the hormonal balances in the body of woman’s, and also control many other things like mood swings, depression, and other behavioral changes that directly related to the pregnancy. Consuming the wrong foods is responsible to increase the birth defects, child disability, low birth weight, and unhealthy fetal development, and also increase the chances of the miscarriage.

List Of Food To Avoid During The Pregnancy

Below Mention things is Important to Avoid during the Pregnancy

Junk foods are at the top of the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. Junk foods are loaded with the fats, sugars, and the nutritional value. Junk foods are consist of the fast and fried foods, soft drinks, sweets and packed foods.

Caffeine is on the 2nd number of the avoided food list, if you can’t avoid it, and then at least reduced the intake of the caffeine. According to Some studies, caffeine is responsible for the low birth baby weight, premature baby birth and the miscarriage. It also reduces the iron absorption and the fluids in your body. This can lead to dehydration and the decrease of calcium in mother and child.

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Don’t add Refined and artificial sweeteners in the pregnant situation because they are not filled with the calories, but it also effect on the body’s ability to normalize the blood sugar. It also increases your need and demand for the sugary things. The more you eat, the more you will get crazy for the sweet things. These artificial sweeteners can increase the body’s demand for the production of insulin, which can be responsible for the diabetes.

When we come to the Foods that are totally no, no during the pregnancy, sea food also include in this list, but only some forms of seafood like oysters, mussels, and clams are to be avoided during the pregnancy. Raw shellfish include many bacteria that are responsible for the infection and the food poisoning. If you are of those people who are a sushi lover then search an alternative during the duration of your pregnancy! Sushi is considered to be a raw fish that contain bacteria and these bacteria’s are responsible for the infection in the fetus. Also avoid larger fish like swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, shark and marlin. These large fishes are loaded with the mercury in their meat. If you eat during the development of your baby, it can deeply impact on the development of the nervous system of the baby.

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