Reseller, Vps And Dedicated Hosting – What’s The Difference?

Today, websites are a crucial part of any business. Websites represent all aspects of a business including its contact details and location. It is therefore important to host your website on a web hosting server. There are three kinds of hosting that you should know about: reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting services. They differ in features such as space allocation, level of security and degree of reliability. Have a look at their differences.

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting service that allows account owners to use their allocated bandwidth and resources to host websites belonging to third parties. The work of a reseller is to buy a host’s services and sell them to users at a profit. In this respect, we can think of resellers as middlemen. VPS is simply an acronym for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting packages have the capacity to run on their very own dedicated system. This means that they can run on their own operating system as well as manage their own resources.

Reseller and VPS hosting are similar in that both of them implement a shared platform. VPS hosting shares resources such as disk space and RAM among multiple users. In reseller hosting, a reseller may choose to rent a dedicated server and sell the server’s services to a number of clients. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is one which allows you to host all your websites exclusively. With this type of hosting, you do not have to share your server’s resources with other users.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive since it gives the user control over all its features. Reseller and VPS hosting are more affordable. However, they share certain features of their servers among several users. As a result, they are not as reliable as dedicated hosting. Since multiple users share important resources such as disk space and memory, web pages load slower and uptime is reduced. Reseller and VPS hosting are however ideal for start-up businesses which have fewer server demands. Dedicated hosting is best suited for growing businesses.

Dedicated hosting is much more secure than VPS and reseller hosting. This is because only one user is hosted on a dedicated server. This single user can give a few individuals access to the server, leading to enhanced security. VPS and reseller hosting are more prone to hacking since many customers are hosted on the same platform.