How To Pass The Salesforce.Com Certified Admin Exam

At the surface, the Salesforce Admin Certification exam might look daunting with multiple choice questions and multiple choice answers to be completed within a stipulated time of 90 minutes. However, there are many choices available that act as knowledgeable resources to help you prepare for the exam. They range from online study guides to boot camps to regular classroom training sessions by Koenig Solutions that will help you ace the exam in the first try. Read on to find out how.

There are a vast number of courses in Salesforce admin training that are offered by Koenig Solutions to achieve the Salesforce admin certification. Most candidates can clear the exam through rigorous study and practice sessions that aid in proper preparation. Self study is also important to motivate oneself to undergo the training and study sessions and clear the exam.

Here are some tips for self study that can be an added boost to the course material and classroom sessions of the Salesforce training offered by an institute:-

  • Review of the Study Guide: – there is a free study guide available on the Salesforce official website that can be accessed and downloaded via this link :- This gives an idea about the outline of the test and each topic that can be reviewed extensively. Answers that a candidate is unable to give can be availed from the Salesforce Learning Center.
  • Website for Flash Cards: – . These can be used to test ones knowledge for the exam.
  • Trailhead: – This is a new site that has been developed by Salesforce and has all types of training programs to assist exam candidates.
  • Video Tutorials: – also provides access to multiple video tutorials that are updated on a regular basis and are a valuable information source for all interested candidates. The videos list out the type of questions that are commonly asked in the exam. Experience Salesforce engineers recall that a lot of the questions in the exam are pulled directly from these video tutorials so extra attention to these will prove to be highly beneficial.
  • Take Time to Study for the Exam:- It’s not like a typical college exam wherein a candidate can pass by studying for just one day or one week. Each test section requires a minimum of one month for proper study and understanding of the basic concepts. Give yourself at least an hour per day to study for the exam which can then be increased as the date of the exam approaches.
  • Practice mock tests: – The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions and is for 90 minutes. The best method to advance is to skip those questions that you do not immediately know the answer to and come back to them after answering all the others.

This exam needs a lot of dedication and focus to conquer but it is possible to do so with just a little extra time spent on studying each day.

If you have any queries regarding the Salesforce admin training and Salesforce admin certification reach out to the instructors at Koenig Solutions on or else drop us a note in the comments below and we’ll get back to you soon.