Starting a Silver IRA Offers Distinct Advantages Over Traditional IRAs and 401ks

August 10, 2015 Finance No Comments

Let’s face it. We all know that we need to save for retirement, but after the last go around with the economy, the last thing we want to do is to invest any more money in an unstable market. However, experts will tell you that the only real way to save enough money for your retirement, especially if you are older, is to invest. So, how can you invest your money in a way that will ensure that you have the money you need to actually be able to retire one day, without worrying that you are actually losing money rather than earning a decent rate of return? You start a precious metals IRA with Goldco Precious Metals.

Silver IRAs offer you a great balance between growth and protection, giving you the ability to save more confidently for your golden years. Here’s how it works:

Why Invest in Silver and Other Precious Metals?

When it comes to investing, most of us are familiar with the old school way of doing it, meaning that we think that stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other paper backed securities that have volatile values and are always being traded on the markets are the only things that we can invest in. However, there is an even older school way of investing and that is by purchasing precious metals. Metals like silver, gold, platinum and palladium are commodities that can be bought and sold on the market just like stocks and bonds, however, unlike traditional paper backed securities, they don’t lose value in the face of challenging financial times. In fact, they actually increase in value when markets are down, offering those invested a level of protection against loss.

Of course the value of precious metals fluctuates just like the values of paper backed securities, but not at the same level. And, precious metals will never become completely value-less, meaning that as long as you are invested in gold, your retirement account will always have value. This isn’t something that many investors could say during the financial collapse of 2007-2008.


Starting a silver IRA, whether it be your sole retirement account or a supplemental retirement account, will help you save smarter for your retirement. And Goldco Precious Metals can help you. They offer quality guidance for those looking to start a precious metals IRA a well as the ability to start your account in just a few simple steps. You don’t even have to spend any money out of pocket to get started investing in precious metals. All you have to do is rollover money you have in your existing retirement account to your new silver account. Start a silver ira with the help of the leading silver IRA company in the industry, Goldco Precious Metals. It may be the most important decision you’ll ever make about your finances and your future.

Start a silver ira with the help of Goldco Precious Metals and watch your retirement fund grow, even in the face of financial adversity. There is no better savings strategy for your future.