Reasons Why Repeating A Grade For Struggling Students Is Not Beneficial

There are many students every year who have to repeat the grades in which they are studying. Although this sounds somewhat old fashioned, but teachers on the other hand still consider it highly beneficial. On the contrary, modern researches have suggested that retention in a grade is an unproductive and the most destructive intervention yet! In fact, some of the professors have described this practice as a malpractice. Here are some reasons why you should not consider your child for grade repetition:

  • The gains are only short lived: You might experience your kids doing a little better at the first time, but within a time span of two to three years you will observe that they start losing those gains. If you are college student and want to purchase research paper writing service online so provides you best solution. Students are faced with new information on a daily basis and when they do not get any help to comprehend them, then only the solution left with the school is to retain them which will continue the struggle for them.
  • Losses are described as long term: Those students who are retained in the school years become ‘overage’ and they do not match up with the other kids who are studying with them in their respective grades. They also develop problems with the friends and then this could lead to drop out from the school. So, grade retention could be designated as one of the most powerful reasons for drop outs from schools.
  • Kids become emotionally overwhelmed: Kids who are retained are also help accountable for their problems. This makes them think about themselves that they are not competent and also incapable to study in the respective grade. They are not able to perform well and their interest from the studies also becomes lost.

The Solution is in Your Hands!!

Set up some easy and achievable goals, Discuss with your students about their dreams, no matter either they are long term or short term. Then you can aid them to deduce some of the easy steps which they can take to reach there. You cannot expect one to become an Olympic breaststroke if you do not teach and they do not understand how to swim. So, what is the solution to retention? Parental involvement during the school years is a sure shot way to deal with any child who is in trouble. Do not feel shy to take help from experts and ask questions about your child from the experts on the web.