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Auditory Training: Its Features, Advantages and Disadvantages


Auditory training has become one of the most popular training systems not just for normal children and adults, but it also helps to enhance the learning potential of those children who are affected with severe learning and disability problems. Any type of auditory processing disorder can actually hamper the entire educational growth of your child, and in the process, the child’s overall academic performance gets hampered.

What are the features to be kept in mind while the auditory training goes on?

When an auditory training process goes on, certain steps have to be followed. These are summarized as under. There can be variations but generally these steps ensure a better understanding of auditory instructions, for those children who are unable to distinguish between different auditory sounds.

What are the advantages of auditory learning?

Auditory training certainly has certain advantages. These are as follows:

The disadvantages must not be overlooked either:

Along with the advantages, there are also certain forms of disadvantages of auditory training, as there are very few qualified and experienced instructors who can guide the child or take care of the learning disabilities of the child. Moreover, the entire auditory training process requires that the teacher uses systematic, clear and unobtrusive speech sounds so that the learner is able to understand the significance and sound of words. Phonetic skills along with the efficiency to use single and double syllables, word stress, word amplification and sentence construction has to be done in a proper manner so that the learner with learning difficulty is able to grasp the entire syllabus or the structure of the curriculum. For better results, it is always advisable to get certified and experienced professionals for auditory training.

This information ensures you a better understanding of auditory training instructions; Go through this link for more auditory commands.

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