Ways To Enhance Laptop Battery Life

As the time passes by, battery of every notebook degrades with it. But in order to make it stay in its fine fettle and  to take out most of its juice, you just need to follow few simple steps.

With some attention and care, you would be making sure that your notebook needs  replacement before its battery does.

Temperature Matters

Temperature is an important factor here as it leaves a huge impact on the life of your laptop’s battery. In order to know your the heat of your laptop, OS X users can easily utilise Temperature Gauge. Whereas Window users have an option of checking the Rainmeter, a free system monitor that comes up with all sorts of visual amusing goodies, including temperature meter.

In general, if you get uncomfortable with a room temperature, then its is obvious that your laptop’s battery will get too. That is why there is an obvious need to make adjustments accordingly

Your first step be giving some heed to its air vents. Vents in most of the air books are on the top of the computer, at the back. If you place your laptop on your  lap, couch or bed, you could  possibly be blocking the airflow. This, further, heats up the computer. And as far overheating is concerned, it is enough for screwing up your battery life.

For those of you having a laptop battery that is removable, try taking it out and cleaning it once every month with an alcohol solution and dry cloth. It would be beneficial for transferring the energy to your computer.

Update: An Important Factor

Most companies, nowadays, are constantly making efforts for find ways for improving the life of battery by means of software updates. Similar tweak was made by Apple in its OS X Mavericks during its release the last year. Many people fear change, however sometimes it proves to be beneficial for extending your battery life. So try making it sure that your laptop has the latest software installed in it.

Keeping the Juices Flowing

As far as ensuring the long healthy life of your battery is concerned, try avoiding charging it a constant pace. Meaning thereby, it is vital for the electrons to keep moving on a frequent basis. Moreover, the less you use your laptop, the less regular discharges would be taking place.

Sometimes, there arise situations when there is a need for long-term absence. Then it is important for your laptop to have at least fifty percent juice in its hood and store it in cool place. However it might ruin your battery when storing it a charging level of hundred percent. Moreover, it would result in shortening battery’s lifespan.

Few changes in your laptop’s power settings, can help make a considerable difference to the battery level that has been left at the end of the day. That means the less work by your battery, the healthier it would be.

Your laptop must have come up with special utility features, added by the manufacturer of your laptop, for the management of battery. So try adopting these measures for further relaxation on your battery load: shutting down unnecessary applications, lowering the screen brightness, unplugging devices you’re not using and limiting your browser tabs can all help.

Easy enough right? Be a good laptop owner! Your machine has been counting on you!