4 Things To Do Before You Rent Your Flat In Ranchi

Are you looking to rent your property in Ranchi, first time renters should be careful doing this process in the city. If you have decided to shift to another city as a part of your job along with your family, you must have also thought to put your flat for rent in Ranchi. But you must realize the truth, giving your house for rent in a city like Ranchi, you must be careful and must follow certain guidelines, so that you find a reliable tenant. Sometimes a tenant can create headache to a landlord, if they are not chosen properly. Some of the common problems for a landlord to face remains

  • Misusing the premises of your apartment
  • Refusing to vacate your home
  • Delay in payment of rent
  • Non payment of maintenance fee and electricity bill on time.

Due to these reasons many people step back from the idea of renting home. But if you plan properly and follow some guidelines strictly you can avoid from happening such problems. It will also benefit you from earning an extra income and paying off your home loan. The motives are plentiful, but you have to follow some steps which will let you go in the right direction.

4 Things To Do Before You Rent Your Flat In Ranchi

  1. Prepare Your Apartment

In the market, you won’t be able to rent your apartment, if it is not well maintained and cleaned properly. Tenants remain choosy and due to increased availability of rental homes in Ranchi, to meet tenants expectations, your house should look attractive. Make sure the appliances in your apartment is in working and good condition. If you are going to rent your apartment, make sure the location is secure enough for a family to stay. As a landlord, it is your duty to make your house look appealing. Many renters would like to move in a particular season such as between the month of March and August.

  1. Deciding the Right Rent

The next step would remain finding out the right rent in the location you are planning to rent out your home. It is a crucial step you have to take because  due to a competitive market, you can’t ask rent more than the market rate. If your apartment is well maintained and fully furnished you may ask for premium charges. If the apartment is furnished in an excellent way, you don’t have to wait longer to find good and reliable tenants. The rent can be fixed based on per square feet and some people say, the rent is directly related to the capital value of the property. The rent also differs according to locations and amenities provided.

  1. Choose an Effective Way to Advertize your Property

Renting an apartment may seem to you a simple task, but the task can be easy only if you advertise your property and need in an effective and right way. In today’s hi-tech world the process can be done easily. You will find a number of real estate website online offering services for free. Just upload the details about your property with photographs and interested tenants will contact you. In online portals, you will also get a list of brokers in your locality, you can save your time by hiring their services.

  1. Prepare the Rental Agreement Carefully

A rental agreement is a legal document and it has to be drafted with care including the mutually agreed condition. It should state all the terms and condition to avoid dispute in future and to perform this process, you can take the help of legal advisor. The rent and the period of tenancy should be mentioned clearly

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