Investing In The Property In Kolkata- Is It The Right Time To Play Your Cards

The potential homeowners are putting their maximum efforts to find the right property within their budget. The national and global meltdown has surely impacted the real estate market. However, these reasons are not enough to stop people to invest in properties. Such trends are highly visible in many metropolitan cities like Kolkata.

Earlier the middle class community faced difficulty to travel from suburbs to main district of Kolkata. These problems have been successfully resolved as many vehicles and transportation modes have been introduced. In fact, it is the only metro city with cheap transportation options. There are many reasons why people are attracted to real estate market in Kolkata. The properties have great infrastructure facilities and advancements. Undoubtedly, city has surpassed all the other metropolitan cities with excellent facilities in all sectors.

Investing In The Property In Kolkata- Is It The Right Time To Play Your Cards

Due to these reasons many new properties are developed in different regions of Kolkata like the Chandpur Champahati, BT road, Howrah, Baruipur and many other places. The real estate companies in Kolkata offer low prices for residential properties, due to their location. The commuting facilities provide brilliant opportunity to potential investors to invest here. Hence, it is the right time to invest in real estate market of Kolkata. Even in the case of economic crisis, investing in property is a safe option.

How have the Builders Attracted Investors to Kolkata?

These days the builders have introduced many new and attractive offers for potential buyers. They guarantee to provide midsized cars to first time buyers. Other facilities include free air conditioners, modular kitchens etc. The amazing design patterns of apartments are enough to capture heart of investors. Buyers from different cities and even the NRIs are interested in properties of Kolkata. This ultimately increases the demand of real estate.

The latest statistics and surveys have revealed that those properties having right combination of facilities, location, decor, and infrastructure have steady and sometimes high client rate. Hence if you are interested in real estate but do not have any city preference as such, Kolkata could be an ideal location. You could either live in it or put the property on rent to earn extra income. Such properties have great reselling price too. Check out the real estate market during festive season to crack the best deal.

Useful Tips to Make an Informed Decision

Explore the market well before investing in the real estate market. There are many upcoming projects offering set of facilities and competitive rates. You have to make the list of all the upcoming projects in Kolkata and nearby areas. Then, study every project in detail and gather facts like-

  • Location of project
  • Accessibility to hospitals, schools and other facilities
  • Rates

The prices of properties in prime locations of Kolkata are expected to rise in coming years. Hence it is ideal time to play your cards well. The metro connectivity to less known areas of Kolkata like Rajarhat has attracted even more investors. You have to take action at the earliest to grab the best deal.

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