Benefits Of A Clean Crisp Property

There are three huge reasons to keep your property trimmed and well-maintained. One of the biggest advantages is better security. Another benefit is maintaining property values. The third benefit of keeping a clean and well-attended property is for the joy of feeling good about the home and making it easier for others to find. Cluttered properties can detract from the overall look of the neighborhood, detour guests, and create places for burglars to hide. By hiring a professional lawn maintenance technician, a neighborhood teen, or taking on the challenge as the property owner, a home or business can look inviting and safe.


Keeping bushes, trees, and shrubs trimmed back to give a good view of the house or other buildings are some of the best ways to prevent thieves from breaking into the property. When bushes and overgrown plants crowd the windows or surface of a building, they create plenty of places for a burglar to hide. The overgrowth also creates the inability for neighbors to see the thief, so no one knows to call for help.

Overgrown yards can cause other safety issues like falling and trip hazards for the property owner, guests, the mailman, or delivery personnel. Animals and rodents are more likely to inhabit thick brush, scraggly plants, and sprawling tree roots. People with animals have extra safety issues because raccoons, opossums, and snakes like to hide in tall weeds and brush causing dangerous health issues especially if the animal or owner is bitten. The extra foliage also creates places for bugs and insects to hide and infest causing the property to become overrun with swarms of mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and ticks.

Added property value

Hiring someone or taking care to keep the lawn and greenery around homes and businesses is a great way to keep property values high. When a home or business lets their greenery overtake the lawn and property, it drags the morale of the entire neighborhood or street down. When more than one person allows this to happen in a particular area, it can reduce property values for everyone involved. By keeping lawns and gardens well manicured and clean, property values can increase. An increase in property value is important for people thinking about selling their home or business.

Ease of Location

It may not seem like a big deal, but overgrown yards can make it hard for people to find the place. Delivery drivers, guests, and customers cannot find buildings when the address or sign is covered up by brush and trees. In cases of emergency, the first responders can also overlook the address. Professional tree trimmers can easily prune trees and cut them back to create better visibility. Landscapers can help remove problem plants like honeysuckle bushes that can get out of hand. The neighbors teenage son or a best friends husband can always come to mow the lawn and trim the weeds if the property owner is unable or does not have the time to keep up the maintenance.

There are many solutions for properties that are overrun with weeds, trees, roots, and grass. The main thing is to find a way to keep the clutter down through weekly trimming, cutting, and removal if necessary. The chores can be broken up into small jobs, so the work is easier to complete. The trimming and weeding can be done by working a little each day or week too. People who cannot do the work for themselves or those who have little time to do the work can easily hire someone to come several times a month or weekly to help maintain the property.

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